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Friday, February 22, 2019

Pacman Jones Goes to Strip Clubs For the Food

Honestly, if that isn’t the lamest effing excuse in the books, then I don’t know what is. Just a few days ago, I told you that Pac was set to make his TNA debut tonight. Well, apparently he went on ESPN2’s First Take to promote the event. In between arguing over the amount of times he’s been arrested (he says twice while the courts say six), this nugget was slipped in. From the AP story:

Jones told ESPN2 that he did visit a strip club the night before a hearing with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in New York in April. Jones said he went in to get something to eat and that was what he told Goodell.

“If I could do anything different, I wouldn’t have went and gotten nothing to eat then. There wasn’t even no girls in there,” he said with a smile.

Yeah, I suppose your dog at your homework while you were at West Virginia, you read Playboy for the articles, and you go to Hooters for the wings, right? Jeez Pacman, get real. And there’s really any wonder as to why this guy keeps getting into trouble…what an idiot.

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