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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Peyton Manning and Jim Nantz share an agent, could explain the ‘non-story’ thing

jim-nantzPeyton Manning has been accused by an actual news outlet of having human growth hormone shipped to his home, and it is truly shocking how little we have heard about it. CBS broadcast announcer Jim Nantz did his best to bury the narrative on Sunday, referring to it earlier in the week as a “non-story.”

Like many other analysts and broadcasters, Nantz is tight with Manning. The two have starred in Sony and Papa John’s commercials together, and the New York Daily News reminds us that those advertising opportunities were probably put together by Sandy Montag, an agent Manning and Nantz share.

And, wouldn’t you know, Montag also has ties to Ari Fleischer, who is the crisis management expert Manning hired almost the second the HGH allegations surfaced. On Monday, Fleischer told the Daily News that Montag’s affiliation with both Manning and Nantz has nothing to do with Nantz’s decision to ignore the Al Jazeera report and label it a “non-story.”

“I didn’t even know Sandy represented Nantz and in all cases, I haven’t asked Sandy to do anything on this,” Fleischer wrote in an email.

Manning has not denied that his wife received shipments of HGH. In fact, his camp has said nothing since Al Jazeera reporter Deborah Davies revealed over the weekend that a second source confirmed that Ashley Manning received HGH shipments from the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis. Instead, Manning has shown how outraged he is by ripping Al Jazeera and their mole, Charlie Sly, for invading his wife’s privacy.

Am I saying Manning took HGH? No, but if his wife received HGH shipments, it is most certainly a story. When Roger Clemens’ wife admitted to being injected with HGH, people were quick to label Clemens a cheater. With Manning, all of his media buddies are tripping over one another to try to be the first to rip Al Jazeera and defend Peyton.

I’m not even going to compare the media coverage of Manning’s HGH allegations to the way ESPN and other outlets reacted with Deflategate. Those are two separate issues. But calling it a “non-story” is absurd. If nothing else, do some reading about the type of character that was running the anti-aging clinic where Manning was treated in 2011. Even if he went there under the Colts’ supervision, there are a ton of red flags.

Manning might ultimately be cleared of any wrongdoing. But if you think his friendly relationship with some members of the media hasn’t resulted in a lack of objectivity, you’re just as naive as those who have no interest in hearing anymore about why HGH was allegedly shipped to Manning’s home.

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