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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

John Daly: Ex-Wife Sherrie Miller Wanted $2,500 to Have Sex, Wasn’t Worth a Cent

John Daly has been a notorious party animal on the PGA Tour, the Tiger Woods before Tiger Woods, only with infinitely less discretion. He’s been the voice of reason, suggesting that Tiger’s relationship problems were the result of wife Elin not giving her husband enough sex. Daly would know because he says that’s what happened with him.

In an interview with Playboy, Daly says he’s really close to being a nymphomaniac if he’s not one already. He also explained what went wrong with each of his four failed marriages. No explanation was as humorous as the one he provided for his breakup with Sherrie Miller, his latest wife.

According to Daly, she wanted him to pay her $2,500 every time they had sex. “She was playing like a hooker. She wanted her husband to pay her to have sex with him,” he recalls. “How bad is that?” Daly is adamant that her body was gorgeous but she was horrible in bed. “She wasn’t worth a cent,” he says.

Now don’t get it wrong, Miller’s no May flower herself. She’s been to federal prison and recently made headlines here at LBS when she said golfers got sexual favors at a course in Memphis. That doesn’t exactly sound like the healthiest relationship.

Daly had some other memorable quotes in his interview, saying he played some great golf hungover, though he pointed out he never drank on the course. The loose cannon seems to have toned it down a bit saying he no longer binge drinks because it’s taken a toll on his body. That means no more crazy stories for us, but hopefully he’ll be around a lot longer to give more entertaining interviews.

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