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Friday, October 18, 2019

Keegan Bradley, Americans played prank on Rory McIlroy after Ryder Cup

rory-mcilroyRory McIlroy has no idea how he ended up wearing a kilt and orange wig in his celebration after winning the Ryder Cup last weekend. But the golfer from Northern Ireland does recall a small prank the Americans played on him.

McIlroy told reporters this week he received a text message from Keegan Bradley telling him to come over to the American room to party and found nobody there.

Via the Daily Record:

“I slipped out of the European team room around 10pm to join my friends and parents in the bar and I got a text from Keegan Bradley about 10.30 that was very funny, basically just inviting me to the US team room.

“But when I got there there’s two security guys at the door who said I’m not sure they’re letting anyone in at the moment. I said ‘What are you talking about?’ and he said he’d go and check.

“So I’m standing there at the US team door for five minutes, which just felt so strange. Then he comes back and says Patrick Reed says they’re not letting anyone in yet.

“Patrick Reed! So I said ‘fine’ and went back to the European team room to find a couple of the US guys waiting in there. They had obviously planned it and had a good laugh at me.

“So we all piled into the US team room and had a good time with everyone. It was a great way to cap off a great week.“

McIlroy obviously didn’t take the Americans toying with him poorly because he obviously went on to have a great time. And don’t ask him how he ended up in the wig and kilt; he says he kind of forgot everything after midnight. We’re guessing it was another Jagermeister night for Rory.

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