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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Vancouver Riots After Canucks Lose Stanley Cup to Boston Bruins

Just like in 1994 when the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup Final to the New York Rangers, the city of Vancouver rioted after the Canucks lost Game 7 to the Bruins. If this were anything new, we wouldn’t already have a tag for fans rioting here at LBS. The good news is at least Vancouver saved their riot for after the Stanley Cup Final unlike Montreal which celebrated too early last year. Anyway, the Vancouver riots contained your annual dose of fires, car flips, riot gear, and fist fights. Here’s a sample of what went on:

Here are pictures of cars getting flipped:

More fires and riot scenes:

Breaking store windows and flipping the bird:

You see this sort of embarrassing behavior in response to a team losing the Stanley Cup and it’s truly a wonder how people can think gay marriage will lead to anarchy. How about starting with eliminating violence?

Images via CTV

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