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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Jay Mariotti: Women’s Soccer for Girls Who Were Unpopular, Not Pretty in School

If anyone should be doing their best to avoid making sexist statements through a pubic forum, it’s Jay Mariotti.  Just last year, Mariotti somehow avoided jail time by pleading guilty to one count of misdemeanor domestic violence.  You would think that someone who pleaded guilty to putting his hands on a woman would at least be able to stay out of trouble on Facebook, but let us not forget who we’re dealing with.

On Sunday Deadspin called our attention to Mariotti’s Facebook page,where he recently had some interesting thoughts about women’s soccer.  Roughly 24 hours before the U.S. Women were set to take on Japan in the World Cup final, Mariotti changed his status to read, “Womens soccer a place for unpopular unpretty girls in school to shine.”

The status should have read, “Jay Mariotti’s Facebook page — a place for Jay to try his hardest to alienate the 12 people who still actually like him.”  The comment itself isn’t as bad as the person who made it.  Plenty of people share the same thought — although most with a brain keep it to themselves — but you would think a public figure who admitted to hitting his girlfriend would filter what he says.

Aside from that, has he seen Hope Solo and some of the other players on the team?  Something tells me they did just fine with popularity growing up.

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