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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Randers FC Coach Ove Christensen Hits Reporter (Video)

If you can honestly say you have never seen a coach get pissed at a reporter, you have been living under a rock. Either that, or you don’t like sports and are only reading this blog because you’re lost. Thanks for reading anyway. We all remember episodes like Jim Calhoun’s salary rant and Tom Izzo getting into it with a reporter over whether or not he was going to coach in the NBA.

On the other hand, it would not be crazy for a person to tell you they have never seen a coach strike a reporter.  Until this morning, I hadn’t either.  Leave it to a soccer manager, right?  Check out the video of Randers FC coach Ove Christensen hitting a reporter, courtesy of Deadspin:

Just a pat on the shoulder, right?  I guess you can say the reporter’s lucky Christensen didn’t decided to showcase his appreciation on his face.

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