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Monday, March 30, 2020

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Mike Nolan reportedly likely to be named Cowboys defensive coordinator

Dallas Cowboys

New Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy is getting to work immediately assembling his coaching staff.

According to multiple reports, New Orleans Saints linebackers coach Mike Nolan will be the new defensive coordinator for the Cowboys.

Nolan has been around for a long time and will bring an experienced coaching hand to the defense. He spent roughly three and a half years as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. The Cowboys will be his ninth defensive coordinator job. Nolan was also the one who hired McCarthy as offensive coordinator in San Francisco, an arrangement that lasted one season before McCarthy landed the Packers head coaching gig.

As for the Cowboys’ new offensive coordinator, it sounds possible that the role could be filled by a holdover from Jason Garrett’s staff.

Daniel Snyder Does Not Like Vanilla Ice Cream, So Says Mike Nolan

Daniel Snyder

Daniel Snyder is a terrible owner. That much has been proven by the lack of success for the Washington Redskins since he’s owned the team. But this story shows just how bad of a person he can be.

While reading John Feinstein’s book Next Man Up, which is a behind-the-scenes account of the 2004 Baltimore Ravens, I came across an incredible anecdote about Snyder.

During the 2004 season, Mike Nolan was the defensive coordinator with Baltimore — his last year with the team prior to accepting a head coaching position with the 49ers. Well, Nolan shared a story with Feinstein from his days with the Redskins (1997-1999).

According to the story, Nolan and owner Daniel Snyder did not get along.

From the book:

Early that season, after a Redskins loss, Snyder told Nolan that his defensive calls were “too vanilla.” Like the other coaches, Nolan had figured out by then that trying to explain football to Snyder was pointless, since he already had the game figured out. A few days later a gallon of 31 Flavors ice cream showed up on Nolan’s desk with a note that said, “This is what I like. Not vanilla.”

Nolan laughed and sent Snyder a note: “Thanks for the ice cream. My kids enjoyed it.”

“The first time it was actually kind of funny,” Nolan said. “I didn’t mind it at all.”

The next time wasn’t as funny.

The Redskins lost on the road to Dallas, and Nolan went into his office late Sunday night to start looking at game tape. When he arrived, there were three giant canisters of melting 31 Flavors ice cream on his desk with another note: “I wasn’t joking. I do not like vanilla.”

Feinstein had the story confirmed by other sources around the league. How great is that one? Leave it to Snyder to take a fun figure of speech and turn it into literal meaning.

If anyone wants to find out why the Redskins suck so much, you don’t have to look any further than the top. Now, whenever the Niners and Redskins meet, you know whose side to wager on.

By the way, the book is very good if you want to read it.