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This actor will somehow play Sean Payton in upcoming movie about Saints

Sean Payton

An upcoming Netflix movie is going to give a glimpse into the life of Sean Payton at and around the time he was suspended over the Bountygate scandal, and you will never guess which actor is going to play the New Orleans Saints head coach. No, seriously, if we didn’t tell you, you’d never guess.

Peter King revealed in his latest NBC Sports column that Kevin James will play the role of Payton in the film. That’s right, the man some of you may know as the “King of Queens” or “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” will be strapping on a headset and doing his best to look like an NFL head coach.

The movie, entitled “Home Team,” is being produced by Adam Sandler’s film company Happy Madison Productions. The plot line begins in 2012 when Payton was suspended for an entire year for his alleged role in the Saints’ bounty scandal. Payton served as the offensive coordinator for his son’s high school Liberty Christian in Argyle, Texas, after the suspension, which will also be covered in the film.

Payton knows about this, too. King says he recently read the script and made some corrections to it. Filming will begin this year.

We know from the way he has responded to trolls in the past that Payton has a sense of humor. It’s unclear if “Home Team” will be a comedy or if James will play a more serious role, but the casting for the movie certainly has our attention.

Sean Payton reveals best NFL Draft quarterback prospect he has ever seen

Sean Payton

Sean Payton is one of the best offensive coaches of the last two decades in the NFL. If anyone knows quarterbacks and how to put up big passing stats, it’s him. That’s why his opinion carries extra weight when it comes to evaluating quarterback talent.

And who is the best quarterback prospect he’s seen coming out of college? Payton told NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” that Patrick Mahomes takes that honor.

You may think it’s easy for Payton to say that now, especially when that type of consensus did not exist in 2017. But Payton has been a huge Mahomes backer even before the QB was a league MVP.

Mitchell Trubisky was taken No. 2 overall by the Bears that year. That’s widely acknowledged now to be a huge mistake. Mahomes went No. 10 to Kansas City after the Chiefs traded up to get him. Deshaun Watson was taken No. 12 by Houston. The Saints took Marshon Lattimore at No. 11.

Do you think Payton regrets not taking Mahomes? Maybe the Chiefs knew they had to beat Payton to the Mahomes pick.

Sean Payton hints at Saints’ QB plans for 2021

Sean Payton

There has been talk about the New Orleans Saints potentially trading for a quarterback this offseason, but head coach Sean Payton seems perfectly content sticking with what he has.

Payton discussed his team’s quarterback situation during an appearance on “Good Morning Football” on Wednesday. He had particularly high praise for Jameis Winston, who is set to become a free agent.

“He was a tremendous leader for this team,” Payton said. “That’s hard to do when you come in new in free agency in your first year as a backup quarterback. … He is a free agent. But him alone with Taysom Hill, who is in the building, we’ve said all along we’re gonna develop and coach those guys. Jameis is one of those guys we have a big interest in.”

Payton said teams typically like to keep their intentions “close to the vest” with impending free agents, but he made it clear that the Saints want to re-sign Winston. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that New Orleans did not inquire about Matthew Stafford, which is a good sign for Winston.

Hill started several games when Brees was out this season, and he played well overall. He clearly has limitations in the passing game, however. Hill is the type of hybrid quarterback that tends to struggle in the NFL once defenses compile enough film on him. That’s why it would make more sense for Payton to continue using him as a change-of-pace option going forward.

Winston appears to have support from his teammates as well. There was reportedly some frustration within the Saints locker room earlier this year when Payton named Hill the starter.

Unless something rapidly changes, it appears Winston is the favorite to start for the Saints in 2021.

Sean Payton borrowed Saints’ touchdown play from Bears’ attempt

Sean Payton

Sean Payton is regarded as one of the most innovative offensive minds in the NFL, but he’s not above borrowing good ideas he sees elsewhere.

The Saints were nearly burned last Sunday by the Chicago Bears by a trick play that involved Cordarrelle Patterson pitching the ball back to Mitchell Trubisky, who went for the home run ball to receiver Javon Wims. The play worked perfectly, except Wims dropped the pass, saving the Saints from giving up a touchdown.

Payton clearly admired the Bears’ effort. In fact, he liked the play design so much that he put it in his own playbook and used it against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Sunday’s NFC Divisional game. It worked to perfection. Emmanuel Sanders pitched to Jameis Winston, who hooked up with Tre’Quan Smith for a 56-yard touchdown catch that, unlike Wims, was held on to.

This video shows both plays next to each other — the one ran against the Saints last week, and the one the Saints ran themselves Sunday.

It’s safe to say nobody on Tampa Bay’s defense could have seen that coming. When defensive coordinators talk about how much they hate facing Payton, this is probably what they mean.

Sean Payton trolls Eagles with savage quote

Sean Payton

The Philadelphia Eagles struggled through an incredibly disappointing 2020 season that ended with their head coach being fired, and New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton does not want the media comparing his team to the one that finished with just four wins.

The Saints have made some special teams signings this week to protect themselves from potential COVID-19 issues. Philadelphia did something similar at the start of the 2020 season when they signed Josh McCown to their practice squad. When a reporter mentioned that, Payton was sure to point out that the Saints aren’t trying to do anything like the Eagles.

“Yeah, we’re not looking at the Eagles for any model,” Payton said, via Jeff Duncan of The Athletic.

It’s worth noting that Payton and Doug Pederson are close friends. That may have something to do with why Payton took a shot at the Eagles, who just fired Pederson three years after he led the team to a Super Bowl title.

We should also mention that one of Philly’s four wins this season came against the Saints a month ago, though none of that matters now. New Orleans is preparing to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Divisional Round of the playoffs, while the Eagles’ head coaching search does not appear to be off to a great start.

Payton is known for his petty troll game, among other things. Those who know him won’t be surprised by his Eagles remark.

Video: Sean Payton got slimed after Saints’ playoff win over Bears

Sean Payton slime

Sean Payton made good on his promise to get slimed on Sunday.

Payton was asked on Friday whether he would get slimed due to the New Orleans Saints’ playoff game being aired on Nickelodeon. The Saints head coach volunteered to get slimed if his team won.

Sure enough, New Orleans beat the Chicago Bears 21-9 in their NFC Wild Card game.

After he finished speaking with the media, Payton had a bucket of slime poured on him.

What a good sport. It’s easy to have fun with things after you win a game. It’s a lot harder to take something from Nickelodeon when you lose though.

Sean Payton reportedly ‘eager’ to re-sign Jameis Winston

Sean Payton

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton turned to Taysom Hill as his starting quarterback earlier this year when Drew Brees went down with an injury. Some interpreted that to mean Payton views Hill as his quarterback of the future, but it doesn’t sound like that is the case.

Jason La Canfora reported on the “NFL on CBS” pregame show Sunday that Payton is “eager” to re-sign Winston this offseason. With the assumption being that Drew Brees will retire, Payton wants both Winston and Hill to play significant roles in 2021.

“I’m told he’s very eager and motivated to re-sign Jameis Winston,” La Canfora said. “He’s been impressed by everything about Winston and wants to have that traditional quarterback to couple with the unorthodox Taysom Hill.”

Hill started several games when Brees was out this season, and he played well overall. However, he clearly has limitations in the passing game. Hill is the type of hybrid quarterback that tends to struggle in the NFL once defenses compile enough film on him. That’s why it would make more sense for Payton to continue using him as a change-of-pace option in certain packages going forward.

Winston appears to have support from his teammates as well. There was reportedly some frustration within the Saints locker room earlier this year when Payton named Hill the starter.

No one seems to know exactly what Payton is thinking, as there was also talk earlier in the season that he envisions Hill as the Saints’ franchise quarterback. What the Saints do with Winston this offseason will say a lot about Payton’s plans.

Chuck Pagano has funny quote about facing Sean Payton’s Saints

Sean Payton

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton is one of the most respected offensive coaches in the NFL, to the point that some defensive coordinators may even feel a little bit intimidated going up against him.

This week, the honor goes to Chuck Pagano. The Chicago Bears defensive coordinator has to gameplan for Sunday’s playoff matchup against the Saints, and he admits that it’s no easy task. In fact, Pagano made a funny remark about how he wishes Payton could do something to make life a little bit easier for Pagano and his colleagues.

“I don’t know how many hobbies Coach Payton has. I wish he had more and spent a little less time trying to ruin the lives of defensive coordinators and defensive assistants and players,” Pagano said, via Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune.

Unfortunately for Pagano, it’s probably too late for Payton to pick something new up this week. Pagano’s mood will probably be even worse if it turns out the Saints are closer to full strength than it looked like they might be.

Sean Payton proposed plan for having 50,000 fans at Saints playoff game

Sean Payton

The New Orleans Saints typically have one of the strongest home-field advantages in all of sports, but that may not be the case in the postseason this year due to the ongoing pandemic. Sean Payton is still trying to keep that advantage alive, however.

The Saints are planning to allow 3,000 fans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome when they host the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Payton would love to see that number increase by about 47,000, and he told reporters on Wednesday that he proposed a plan for making it happen.

“I brought up the idea of testing 50,000 people and quarantining them in a hotel and having the most safest Superdome known to man, scientifically,” Payton said, via Luke Johnson of The New Orleans Advocate. “Bus them, they’ve tested every day, and you’ve got a COVID-free facility.”

Many assumed Payton was making a joke or being sarcastic, but apparently he was serious. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that the Saints actually looked into the possibility.

Several NFL teams allowed fans to attend games during the regular season, and there were no known COVID-19 outbreaks associated with any of those events. That is one reason why even teams like the Buffalo Bills, who had no fans at Bills Stadium all season, have decided to allow a limited number of fans at their playoff game this weekend.

Even the coach of a Saints rival said earlier this year that he would prefer to have fans at the Superdome. Unfortunately, 50,000 is not going to happen just yet.

Video: Sean Payton dances in locker room to celebrate NFC South title

Sean Payton

The New Orleans Saints wrapped up the NFC South on Friday with their win over the Minnesota Vikings, and it’s fair to say they took some time enjoying the moment.

Coach Sean Payton wasn’t shy about enjoying himself after the win. In fact, his locker room dance moves went viral thanks to a video from the party.

The Saints obviously have Super Bowl ambitions, but they’re enjoying the journey. This may not be the ultimate destination, but they’re not taking this step for granted, either.

Payton has made it a habit of celebrating big wins like this. We can only wonder what he’ll come up with if the Saints taste playoff success.