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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Gerald Laird Succeeds at Pissing Off Armando Galarraga

It’s so ironic how Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galaragga was unfazed by Jim Joyce’s blown call that ruined his perfect game yet something so simple as teammate Gerald Laird’s words pissed him off. Apparently Galaragga was not on the same page as catcher Alex Avila during his first inning of work on Sunday against the White Sox. Galaragga approached Avila in the dugout after the inning and fellow catcher Gerald Laird came to his rescue. Or told Galaragga to shove it. Or something else because whatever it was caused Galaragga to have the same reaction people expected him to have after Joyce’s blown call. Check out this video of Armando Galaragga and Gerald Laird fighting in the Tigers dugout courtesy of Detroit 4 Lyfe:

Laird admitted after the game that he said something he shouldn’t have said but it’s still shocking to see Galarraga get enraged. What happened to that exemplary sportsmanship we all praised? If anything, maybe the Tigers could use the spark. At 57-60, they sure could stand to play with a little fire.

Armando Galarraga Goes After Alex Avila And Gerald Laird In Dugout (video) [Detroit4Lyfe]
Battling Tigers rally past White Sox [Detroit Free Press]
Video Credit: YouTube user BobBiscigliano

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