Derek Holland was kicked out of a Counting Crows concert

Derek-Holland-RangersThe Texas Rangers had a day off in New York on Monday before their series began with the Yankees, and pitcher Derek Holland tried to make the most of it. On Monday night at around 5:00 p.m. EST, Holland tweeted that he was heading off the the Counting Crows concert. The Crows were playing a show at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, New Jersey, so the left-hander decided to check it out.

It did not go well.

At around 10:30 p.m. Holland began ranting about how he had been kicked out of the concert.

It sounds like Holland was getting a bit too rowdy for the band and was asked to leave. We don’t really know what happened other than what he says, but many concerts strictly prohibit the audience from taking pictures. Perhaps that was the case in New Jersey. In any event, Holland no longer likes the state.

Again, we don’t know the details of what happened. All we know is that videobombs like this and cars like this have shown us Holland loves to have a good time, which was apparently not cool with security at the Counting Crows concert. It doesn’t sound like this guy will be signing with the Mets or Yankees at any point in the future.

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  • george

    i was there he was drunk and disorderly with joe nathan

  • misterdeltoid

    I thought as much. It’s more important that he “have a good time” than the people around him. Typical athletes sense of entitlement. Derek, New Jersey will be fine without you.

  • misterdeltoid

    Derek, There are plenty of people having a good time in NJ without Sh#%ing on the people around them. How they even let you in that beautiful old theatre is beyond me.