Nationals hosed on bad call at plate against Yankees, lose game (Picture)

The Nationals lost to the Yankees 5-3 in 14 innings on Saturday, and a bad call by the home plate umpire helped make it possible.

The game was tied at 3 when Tyler Moore was called out at the plate to end the 8th inning. Moore was trying to score from second on a single to right by Adam LaRoche. Though he clearly beat the throw and tag as the image above shows (with room to spare), home plate umpire Tim Timmons called Moore out.

The game went scoreless for the next five innings until the Yankees finally scored two on a Mark Teixeira double. The bad call by Timmons took away what should have been the lead for Washington and helped give the Yanks the game.

What’s that you say? Another argument for instant replay? Don’t we know it. The only good news for Timmons is that at least his missed call wasn’t the worst of the season. This was. But that was pretty bad, and it potentially robbed the Nats of a win.

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  • Anonymous

    If a stuck up sport like tennis can implement replay, when is baseball going to get a clue?  Plays at the plate and home runs need to have replay capability.  Upgrade the official scorer position and they would be the decider.  As for balls and strikes, pitch trax is the answer.  If properly calibrated it is easily as accurate as an umpire and it is totally consistent throughout the game unlike humans.  The key is to make it seamless with the umpire and that is easily accomplished with a wireless hookup to the home plate umpire.  The version of pitch trax that highlights the pitch box with a good pitch would send a signal.  It is immediate, unobtrusive and best of all ACCURATE.  How much longer do fans have to put up with this?