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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Ozzie Guillen Says FOX Told Him to Drop an F-Bomb to Boost Ratings

Ozzie Guillen is an LBS Hall of Famer for his legendary contributions to the site. To get caught up if you don’t know what we mean, go here, here, here, and here and you’ll be laughing non-stop. Anyway, there was great news announced a few days ago that Ozzie would be joining the FOX pregame and post-game crew to help provide analysis. The natural reaction was jeers suggesting FOX better watch itself because Guillen might let loose with one of his legendary profanity-laced rants.

Well guess what? Apparently that’s exactly what they want him for!

Call it the Charles Barkley phenomenon, Ozzie explained in an interview with FOX Chicago News that the FOX CEO told him to drop one because they would get a lot of ratings. Ozzie says he won’t do it because he does not want to get fired:

All I know is F-Bomb or not, I’ll be watching. Anywhere you put Ozzie you get my eyeballs.

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