Pictures of Sammy Sosa’s Light Skin Coloring Change

Much like the case of Roberto Alomar Jr. who was alleged to have HIV, the blog world is now abuzz about the recent pictures of Sammy Sosa that have emerged. Midwest Sports Fan via Sports by Brooks has recent photos of Sosa at an appearance during the week. Let me just say the guy does not look healthy. Check out some of the before and after pics below to judge for yourself.

Sammy Sosa Before and After Pictures
Sammy Sosa green eyes Sammy Sosa vitiligo Sammy Sosa and wife

Also credit Big League Stew for some of the pictures. Obviously I’m not a medical expert, but let me just inject my humble opinion here and say that Sammy Sosa probably put a lot of sketchy performance-enhancing substances into his body and I’m not in the least bit surprised to see him having health issues this quickly. This is going to be a trend, not an exception, for players that played in the ’90s and ’00s. Believe me. As for what’s going on, many people are theorizing that he has vitiligo — the same condition that caused the skin color issues with Michael Jackson. That could very well be the case.

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  • Gene

    I am certainly not a Sosa fan by any means. I agree with you that this will become a trend for many of the baseball players who used PED’s.

    Donald Fehr and Gene Orza, you have to live with yourselves for enabling your members with that ridiculous “right to privacy” defense for no drug testing. You put money ahead of the well being of your members.

  • JS

    Gene, you and I have discussed the repercussions as these guys age, if they live that long.

    Then again, I admit I’m a hypocrite for cheering so many of Sosa’s home runs at the time.

  • http://BOXofGLOSS.com Elle

    vitiligo cause the discoloration in patches. Not all over. He needs to stop trying to use that as an excuse and own up to the fact that he intentionally was trying to lighten his skin.

  • Maestra Sierra

    What is he doing? He looked better darker. He looked more handsome and distinguished. Now he looks sick (he has dark coloring around the eyes and the skin has red blotches here and there). The skin has uneven skin tone and color. He is going through what many people are going through… the media illness. Just pick up a magazine and look through the ads. People are having their skin lightened to the max, skin propped and picked at to the point of looking like latex fabric, removing fat to the point of creating comical characters rather than having real people. It’s getting out of hand so no wonder, being that he is under the spot light, that Sosa goes out and lightens his skin. It’s what other celebrities are doing. I know in other cases there is a more serious reason for him to lighten his skin but for the most part it’s due to his celebrity status.