Anthony Davis wants to be known as a guy who shut down Kobe Bryant

With Anthony Davis set to be drafted by a Western Conference team, the former Kentucky Wildcat has already starting formulating his goals for next season. Let’s just say he’s a big dreamer. During a radio appearance on Thursday afternoon, Davis said he wants to be known as one of the guys who stopped Kobe Bryant.

“(Kobe)’s a monster,” Davis said on the Dan Patrick Show. “There’s a lot of guys that can’t stop Kobe. So if I stop him I could be one of the guys that say, ‘I shut Kobe down’.”

When Patrick told Davis to be careful what he wishes for and warned him that Kobe listens to the show, Davis responded by saying “Tell him, I’ll be waiting.”

Considering he is 19 years old and Kobe will soon be 34, Davis may not have a lot of time to accomplish his goal. I highly doubt he’s going to shut Kobe down as an inexperienced rookie, and by the time it’s even remotely possible Kobe will probably be out of the league. However, I didn’t think Davis’ comments were disrespectful or out of line in any way. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best, and Bryant is one of the best of all time. Still, Davis felt the need to backtrack using his Twitter account.

“My comments about playing Kobe this AM on (Dan Patrick) were out of complete respect for him and his game,” Davis wrote. “He is a LEGEND.”

Davis grew up watching Kobe dominate the NBA, so there’s nothing wrong with him wanting a piece. Competitive edge is a good thing.

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  • Anonymous

    Kid you couldnt carry Kobes jock strap

  • Gene

    Since Anthony Davis is a center and shotblocker and Kobe drives the lane less and less and shoots more from the outside as he has aged, it is very doubtful that Davis would ever be in a position to stop Kobe.  In any case it is a very strange comment  coming from a one year wonder.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SYOMGDMNIRJRVSIE3X2FUZ4OHI Simply-Ivan

    Davis had no reason to backtrack on anything.  You have to believe such things are possible.  O.J. told Jim Brown that he would break all of his records, and he broke several of them.  Kobe had the attitude that he was the greatest player of all time before he his the league, and he could very well be in the top five before it’s all said and done. 

    Anthony Davis has been compared to everyone from Marcus Camby to Tim Duncan to (finally) Kareem.  Those are all big shoes to fill (even if Camby’s are much smaller than those of the two legends).

    He has unlimited potential, and he should talk just like that.  SHUT KOBE DOWN IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT.  There’s no shame in believing in yourself.  You are confident but respectful, not arrogant.  Kobe himself would tell you to stand behind your words.  Kobe would be proud of Davis for saying that.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SYOMGDMNIRJRVSIE3X2FUZ4OHI Simply-Ivan

    “…one year wonder” [sic]?  I don’t think being known as arguably the greatest center ever to come out of the city of Chicago makes him anywhere close to a one-year wonder!  Anthony Davis has “can’t miss” written all over him. John Thompson said that Anthony Davis was the type of player that makes him wish he was still coaching.  That’s huge.

  • Gene

     He only played one year of college ball. That is a fact. We will see if he can withstand the rigors of an NBA season.  Anyway, the issue isn’t how many years he wen tto college, but how will a center, even if great, can stop Kobe, who is essentially a jump shooter these days?

  • Bibikimmers

    Kobe was already shut down by Westbrook and Durant but nice try.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AUPCJDAQH5G7ASPU353FF6KEME jay

    can at least have a season in the nba first, ala greg oden, there have been plenty of big man bust in the nba before soo lets see when he gets to the nba he can handle a Dhoward, andrew bynum, or even the gasol bro’s, if shaq was still in the league then you already know his frail ass would have been put through the hoop.