Charles Barkley Flips Ernie Johnson the Bird with Middle Finger on TNT

TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley seems to be as bulletproof as it gets when it comes to broadcasting leeway. The guy called his producer a p***y on-air a year ago and seemed to have escaped without repercussion. In November, he pulled off a stunt where he whitened his face to resemble Sammy Sosa — an act that would get most people fired under grounds of offensive actions. Charles is such a loose cannon that he’s earned the ability to offend people and say crazy things without any recourse. His personality is part of what makes him great but also what gets him into trouble. His latest offense — sticking his middle finger up at Ernie Johnson and flipping him the bird on live TV — crossed the line. Here’s a video of Chuck flipping off Ernie (description of the incident below if you can’t watch):

In their studio pre-game show, the analysts were discussing the Lakers’ road struggles (they went 2-3 on their road trip). They showed a picture of Kobe Bryant’s injured finger when discussing the Lakers injuries. Barkley interrupted Ernie Johnson by saying Kobe’s finger injury was not unusual and that every NBA player has crooked fingers from getting them jammed all the time. Ernie asked to see Barkley’s fingers for proof and naturally Barkley lifted his middle finger to Ernie, flipping off the entire audience watching on TNT. EJ admitted he should have known it was coming and immediately recognized that Barkley had done something wrong. He tried to get Barkley to cover his butt by saying “April Fools” but Barkley had no remorse.

I love Barkley’s honesty and analysis on TNT but that’s inexcusable behavior for someone on live TV. I have no doubt that there are lots of young kids who were tuned into watch the Mavs and Magic and saw that. Inexcusable.

Thanks to Jose3030 on twitter for the video.

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  • http://www.poeteez.com Berbice

    lighten up dudes! That’s funny…Charles is funny….viewers like funny…that’s why this fat fool is still on tv….period!

  • Hansonian

    give me a break! crossed the line?! what planet are you from? there are WAY worse things on television that kids are exposed to all the time.

  • Elliott P.

    Did you even watch the clip? He clearly didn’t do it on purpose. Lighten up.

  • Dascenzo

    You should watch just the beginning of Old School and listen to the advice the cab driver gives Luke Wilson.

  • g

    you know what… you a pussy. can’t handle the bird, everyone does it, i mean.. hey, can someone get me a drink? its just a finger, dammit! any finger…. listen, all nba players got fingers like that what… okay, hey, my drink? kenny you look like my momma just whipped you…

  • KMN

    I agree with you @Berbice. Man I love Charles on TNT…. awesome.

  • Amra

    Lighten up is right!!
    Seems the sports writers are on quite the high horse lately!!
    Its a finger!! And it did actually look like Charles was holding it up as an example, until he realized it was his middle finger and might be taken the wrong way by too-quick to be offended knuckleheads out there!!
    Now settle down, before someone feels the need to flip you off!!

  • theteeto

    OH MY GOD, DIDN’T HE CONSIDER THE CHILDREN!?! Well, I guess if there were kids watching, they’d either already know what it meant (so no big deal), or they’d have no idea what it meant (also no big deal). So, uh, nevermind. Perhaps we adults can continue living our lives without worrying about the children all the time.

  • http://www.Got2Tix.com Got2Tix.com

    TNT knew what they were getting when they signed Barkley- ITS CABLE TV!

    Without CB over the last several years, no one would halftime or post game on TNT, he brings so many viewers after the game, PERIOD!

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    There’s a line between idiocy and decency and this is on the wrong side of it. It wasn’t even funny. He still produces an entertaining show without even doing dumb things like this. Completely unnecessary. And if there’s nothing wrong with flipping a middle finger, then why were Bud Adams and Rex Ryan fined multiple thousands of dollars for doing it?

  • http://ecigeasybuy.com Bob Murray

    If you know what the middle finger means you have either done it to someone or had it done to you. And come on Rex Ryan? Apples to oranges. One was done as a fun in the moment thing and the other to try to hurt someones feelings intentionally. In both cases to know what the “finger” means you have either done it to someone or had it done to you. Nowadays who even gets offended anymore with a simple finger? Its mostly an old school thing cause in todays world people will just flat out tell say the words or resort to violence.

  • http://www.celticslife.com Lamar Scrotum

    Ernie seems like a really decent guy too. Not sure if the finger was intentional but Charles is an idiot. He should touch up on his English so he can make a coherent, intelligent statement rather than babbling on with tangents and making no sense.

  • Jimbo

    Wow this is rediculous. Its the middle finger…the equivalent of saying “crap” at this point…It’s 2010…please join us in this century…

  • critic patrol needs litter patrol

    These critics should focus on issues that matter like Wall St REFORM no one will remember this ten yrs frm now, heck maybe even nex year…I cannot judge although we must take responsibility for our actions. It is not excused or okay because the audiences but let’s get real, lighten up and likes team up to combat real national and global issues ppl

  • Anonymous

    Get rid of Charles and Ernie and you have no show. I think Kenny is the only replacable person on the show. It is really good. I look forward to half time.

  • Anonymous

    What is Charles saying about my Heat team these days. He was pretty hard on them in the begining. What is really bothering him is that he wasn’t bright enough to figure out how to get a ring. I’ll bet if you asked him right now what his greatest regret about his career is. Without question, if he is honest, he’d say it is not ever being able to hoist up a championship trophy.

  • Anonymous

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jake.masters.522 Jake Masters