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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Dan Gilbert Takes Shots at LeBron on Twitter, Needs to Get Over It

Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbert seems to find ways to make himself look increasingly immature by the day.  It’s been almost three months since LeBron James announced he was leaving Cleveland, but it’s obvious the Cavs owner hasn’t been able to get past it.  The letter he wrote to Cleveland Cavs fans was a childish move, but we could at least excuse it as something he did while furious in the heat of the moment.

Gilbert has now resorted to acting like a teenager and taking subtle shots at LeBron on Twitter.  Check out this ridiculous Tweet from his verified Twitter account:

Gilbert is probably reacting to LeBron’s claim that race played a role in the backlash he received after making his decision.  I guess he thought the best way to express himself would be to say things like “a-hole” and “b4.”  Fans can burn jerseys and create angry t-shirts because they’re fans and that’s what they do when they’re mad.  But if I were a Cavs fan I’d be just as worried about my owner being on full tilt as I was about losing my star player.

The season is getting closer and it’s obvious Gilbert can’t turn the page.  The franchise is going to have enough time recovering as it is after losing LeBron, let alone have to deal with an owner who can’t let it go.  If King James’ departure has left a permanent scar on the Cavs’ owner, they could end up being a franchise in ruin for longer than they anticipated.

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