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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Dennis Rodman’s Hall of Fame Outfit Was Dazzling (Pictures)

The internet wasn’t really around when Dennis Rodman was doing his thing. If it were, there’s little doubt we would have had a lot of fun with him. Whether it was posting pictures of his crazy outfits and hairstyles, or cell phone cameras catching him sniffing coke in hot tubs, there’s no question he would have been a major player in the sports blogosphere. We get treated to a fun Rodman story every once in a while, but it’s not the same as if he were playing. At least his Hall of Fame speech gave us a nice moment.

Rodman wore two different outfits — one before his speech, and one after it. His first outfit was all platinum-colored and kind of reminds you of what Dolly Parton would wear if she attended a Raiders game. He had a scarf, cowboy hat, and giant glasses. Rodman later changed into his speech suit. He had piercings in his ears, lip, and two through his nose. His custom-made jacket had the initials “DR” in front, 91 on the left sleeve, and 10 on the right sleeve. That represented the jersey numbers he wore in Chicago and Detroit/San Antonio. The back of his jacket had the team names Bulls and Pistons on it. Here are some pictures of his Hall of Fame outfits:

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