Enes Kanter dropped the mic after giving Jazz fans a pregame speech (Video)

If Enes Kanter wasn’t a Jazz fan favorite before, he is now. The 19-year-old Turkish rookie has only played limited minutes this season, but the dude is hardcore. Oh yes. Kanter seemed to be pushed by his teammates to deliver a pregame speech to Jazz fans prior to the team’s game against Portland on Thursday, and he knocked it out of the park.

Kanter straight up grabbed the mic, took over, and proceeded to rock the house like a seasoned MC. He had his elbow up, the back end of the mic tilted to the sky, and he opened things up with a “What’s up, what’s up, what’s up, what’s up!” The best part was the way he closed with a boss move, dropping the mic like a true thug.

Enes Kanter. Hard. Core.

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  • http://Facebook.com/ThaBiGGDoGG ThaBiGGDoGG

    WOW this guy is that hardcore for a team that barely made the playoffs as an 8th seed.  Looks like there is more empty seats in the place then Jazz fans. Now that’s gangsta…

  • Anonymous

    Attendance at that game was about 19,500.  The stadium seats 19,900.  The Jazz were picked by many to finish close to last place.  They made the playoffs with not one all-star, and with Josh Howard, Earl Watson, and Raja Bell missing a good part of the season due to injury.

    I’d take that over an underachieving thug Lakers team any day.