Fan has frightening James Harden tattoo on his arm (Picture)

People love a sixth man with a beard. If you didn’t know that prior to the 2011-2012 NBA season, you know it now. During Oklahoma City’s run to the NBA Finals, James Harden became the most popular bench player in the league. Part of it was the 16.8 points per game and the clutch shooting, but most of it was the beard. We have seen a lot of Harden tributes over the past several months, but the one you see above that Black Sports Online shared with us is by far the most frightening.

We were fine with Harden’s beard made into a cake, arranged out of fruits or plastered on the entrance of a building. Now, it has gone too far. We’ve shown you some scary athlete tribute tattoos over the years here at LBS, but this is easily one of the most disturbing. Are those bits of toilet paper in his beard? Did the artist quit before it was finished? These are the questions.

H/T SI Hot Clicks

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  • demetrius davis

    You can’t be that obtuse. What you see is variations in shading and light and dark contrasts. Otherwise the beard would be a solid mass of blackout, which would look more like a cartoon than a portrait. Real beards (hair) reflect light at different angles. That is what the artist rendered. There’s an old saying:  “It is better to remain silent and have others think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”