Female Miami Heat fan flips Joakim Noah the bird after ejection

Heat fan flips off Joakim Noah

Goodness gracious, woman. Get a hold of yourself. I guess the environment of being at a Miami Heat-Chicago Bulls playoff game made her think it was acceptable to shove her fist within inches of Joakim Noah’s face and flip him the bird.

You wonder why some players go off on fans after games? This is why.

Just after, she celebrated Noah being ejected with this high five:

Photo credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
H/T Matt Moore; GIF via World of Isaac

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  • Barry Obama

    Fake hair, fake tan, fake t#ts, Miami skank, how many d#cks did you suck to get those expensive seats

  • Mg

    Money can’t buy class…but it did buy a decent sex change operation, apparently.

  • mike22122

    the girl with the guy giving the high five is embarrassed for her

  • Dan O’Hare

    miami heat stadium security should take notice and either remove her or re-seat her in nose-bleed section up top next game. cant have that behavior in that section close to opposing players. stephen jackson all over again could have easily happened

  • Darr247

    Hah… I’ve been seeing her meme all over the internet flipping off different people (President Obama, Mark Sanford’s ex-wife, Rince Priebus with her next to Chris Christie, etc.), and wondered where it came from.