Gregg Popovich: I Don’t Care What Tony Parker Says

A few weeks ago, Tony Parker had a lapse in judgment.  The Spurs guard probably realizes now that it isn’t a good idea to write your team off as a championship contender, especially when you are going to be playing with that team until 2015.  Naturally, Parker backed off of the comments he made about the Spurs being finished, but Gregg Popovich was obviously rubbed the wrong way by what he said.

“You think I care what Tony Parker says?” Popovich told WOAI-TV via Spurs Nation. “You think Tony Parker is gonna coach when he quits? Why would I listen to Tony Parker.”

Pop was then reminded that Parker owns a basketball team in France, and he responded by piling it on his All-Star guard even further.

“He can own but he can’t coach,” Popovich continued. “Get your ass out there and play, Tony. Tie the score. But talk about basketball, I don’t need Tony for that.”

What is interesting about all this is that Parker made it a point to take back what he said and assure everyone he would not have signed a four-year extension with the Spurs if he thought they couldn’t contend.  Despite the backpedaling, Pop still had to show that the remarks annoyed him.  Popovich sounded more like a coach talking about an ex-player than someone on the current roster.  While this isn’t the first time there have been signs of the two not getting along, they have plenty of time left in the offseason before they have to get over it.

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  • Gene

    I predict that Parker will not be a Spur too much longer, and this is like the final straw, not the sole reason.  Look for a big trade when and if a new collective bargaining agreement is reached.

  • Anonymous

    This is being blown out of proportion. I live in San Antonio, and I can tell you this is just the way Pop is. Tony is used to it. 

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Why would they trade him? 

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Well what else would Pop say, admit the Spurs are going downhill, or what he said? Of course he’s going to say what he said.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the spurs aren’t real contenders anymore. They’re still a threat, but they won’t win another championship unless they can make some power moves. I don’t think they’ve made any major free agent signings in the modern era. Nobody wants to come to San Antonio.