Jeremy Lin asks to sleep on teammate’s couch despite big contract

Jeremy Lin may have signed a three-year, $25.1 million deal with the Houston Rockets, but that doesn’t mean he’s too good to sleep on a couch like he did last season.

Lin must be getting ready to move into a new place in Houston before training camp begins, because he apparently texted teammate Chandler Parsons to ask if he could stay at his buddy’s while waiting for his place to get furnished. Parsons shared the following tweet containing a screengrab of a text from Lin:

Lin famously was living on his brother’s couch in New York before breaking out with the Knicks and ultimately getting added to the team’s roster for the rest of the season. Once he got a guaranteed contract with the Knicks, he moved out and got his own place. And even though he’s now set to make multi-millions guaranteed, he’s still not too cool to live on a couch.

But what was the funniest part about Parsons’ tweet? He shared it with the world before actually responding to Lin!

Oh man, don’t you change, Jeremy. And if Parsons doesn’t let you sleep at his home, then you can always crash at Connor Barwin’s place.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OVPBYCSRK6PSUKNCOB66Z2L4IU scot

    Lin is just cheap,  he just got mils in contract and he cannot buy a Couch.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OVPBYCSRK6PSUKNCOB66Z2L4IU scot


  • lepasc

    Maybe he just doesnt like to be alone…in a hotel room?

  • FoxyPaco

    Doesn’t surprise me. While living in the Bay Area I worked for a number of Chinese owned and operated companies. The one thing they all had in common was that they were all cheap/thrifty. Not saying that being cheap is necessarily a bad thing but it is something I did notice. Besides many of the richest people in the world are also known as some of the cheapest people around…. how do you think they keep all their money  and stay rich? Gotta save it.