Lakers Already Making Moves, Odom?

Funny the way things work. Two weeks ago, the Lakers were the toast of the NBA, a near cinch to win the title. Then, in a matter of games, they have become a so-called mess. We’ve already decided here that the Lakers would be back and that this is just the beginning of a new era in Laker basketball. That’s more than I can say for the mentality of others in this city. It’s already the Laker therapy line locally, and it didn’t even take long after the game for players to say changes were needed (e.g. defensive toughness). Your first likely change? Lamar Odom to go, according to the LA Times.

Then there’s Odom’s $14-million salary, as the Lakers assume as much as $90 million in additional salary and luxury tax over the next three seasons with Gasol.

However, from the day they made the trade, the Lakers never thought they would end up paying that much, suggesting they were already thinking of moving Odom.

Indeed, Odom was in their package for Gasol until Memphis owner Michael Heisley took him out, asking for lesser players who afforded more cap relief.

You probably didn’t even need to hear the money side of the issue to guess Odom would be gone. With Bynum coming back next year, someone will have to go, and you know it won’t be Pau. Besides, was there any player more Jeckyll and Hyde in the playoffs this year than Odom? I like the guy, but man, his inconsistency has to drive you nuts, not to mention his fluctuating health. He’ll be someone else’s mess before too long, most likely.

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  • SpinMax

    I’m sure with the Commish’s blessing, he will be traded str8 up for Dwight Howard.

  • Carlos

    Lamar Odom fit in with the team after the trade. There’s no reason to get rid of him.

  • Lakers Suck (131-92)

    Who’s going to want to pay that kind of salary for a guy who only excels in low-to-no pressure situations???

  • Dan

    you laker fans kill me. Its so nice to think your team will be better whit Bynum. Thats no gaurantee. If LA didnt not steal Gasol from Memphis they would not have made it to the finals. Right now NOBODY knows if Bynum is going to be good or not. Knee injuries are a tricky thing. But leave it to you LA homers. You think your team is soooo good. How did those predictions of taking Boston in 5 games work for ya

  • http://larrybrownsports.com sirballer

    Lakers should send Pau’s ass away for someone like Jermaine oneal who is on a shitty team so no one from the Pacer organization will care. I think Pau did a little better than him too-more insentive for Pacers. We need a strong Power-forward more than we need a weak bitch. And Jermaine Oneal can shoot also. That is way better than trading Lamar. Why trade Lamar after he just had his best season in a long ass time with a starting lineup that has another good big man. But maybe the best solution would be to rotate Andrew, Pau, and Lamar, especially since Lamar and Pau are getting a little older and need more rest.

    Even if you hate kobe and/or the Lakers you got to admit that those ideas- especially the last one, are great ideas!