LeBron James Dunks on Dwyane Wade (Video)

Don’t worry, that headline isn’t a typo nor is it the product of a play that happened in years past. LeBron James dropped 41 points on the Indiana Pacers Tuesday night. Two of them hit Dwyane Wade square in the face. Check out the video of LeBron dunking on Dwyane Wade:

I guess the guy really is an a-hole.  LeBron already intentionally bumped his own coach earlier this year, now he’s dunking on his own teammates? That’s definitely a new low.  Thanks to talkhoops for the video.

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  • Gene

    Come on, the fact that it hit Wade was an accident. The Heat was losing the game at the time and LeBron was carrying the team for most of the game. If you saw much of the game, you would have seen that the two of them are very friendly and respectful of each other and they congratulated each other when the Pacers’ last possession resulted in a five second violation because of tough Miami defense.

  • Anonymous

    That was completely sarcasm, Gene. If I actually watched that clip and thought LeBron dunked on Wade’s face on purpose, LB should be looking for new writers, lol.

  • Gene

    Glad to hear it, fellow Patriots fan. However, LeBron has taken so much criticism (deserved) because of that terrible TV announcement that it is hard to separate what is real from sarcasm. He has gotten criticized and booed for just about everything else since that misguided show.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Don’t stand on the tracks when the train’s coming through …