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Friday, April 20, 2018

Marc Gasol checks on Tony Parker after poking him in eye (Video)

Marc GasolThe Memphis Grizzlies were unable to compete with the San Antonio Spurs in the Eastern Conference finals, but at least they showed their opponents some excellent sportsmanship.

Late in the fourth quarter of Game 4, Marc Gasol accidentally poked Tony Parker in the eye while trying to defend a shot. Rather than hustle back to the other end of the floor where the Grizzlies were on offense, Gasol stayed back to make sure Parker was OK.

The Grizzlies scored on their offensive possession despite not having Gasol on that end of the floor, so that may have been karma rewarding them.

“It’s OK. It happens. It’s a very physical series and I know Marc didn’t do it on purpose,” Parker said of the poke after the game.

Parker had 37 points, four rebounds, and six assists in the series-ending 93-86 win. Gasol had 14 points, five rebounds, and five assists in the loss. He also showed much better sportsmanship than a team like the Boston Celtics.

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