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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mikhail Prokhorov Takes Shot at Mark Cuban While Complimenting Mavs

Since Mikhail Prokhorov has taken over as owner of the New Jersey Nets, he and Mavs owner Mark Cuban seem to have developed somewhat of a love-hate relationship.  The two teams aren’t rivals or anything, so the banter between them cannot be taken for much more than friendly word play.  In any event, the dynamic between them is entertaining.

Just a few short months after Prokhorov took the reins in New Jersey, Cuban was already criticizing the way he runs the team.  One of Cuban’s main issues with Mikhail’s style is that he rarely shows up to games.  As we told you before, the Nets seemed to play better in their owner’s presence, so Cuban may have been onto something.

Cuban remained unusually quiet throughout the entire postseason as he watched his Mavs go on to upset the Miami Heat and win the franchise’s first ever NBA Championship.  Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki voiced his opinion about Marky Mark staying out of the spotlight during the run a few weeks back, and Prokhorov alluded to it as well on Thursday when he congratulated Cuban with a note.  Here is what the letter said courtesy of Nets Daily via SB Nation:

Dear Mark:

My heartiest congratulations on winning the NBA championship. You showed the world not only what a great team you have, but also, that you can remain silent for a period of weeks — I don’t know which is more shocking! To you and all of the Mavericks, especially former Nets captain Jason Kidd, great job! It was a stunning Finals series, truly one for the history books.

Warm regards,
your friend and comrade,

Not exactly the most complimentary congrats letter, but it’s the thought that counts.  When Cuban gets over the hangover that he is certain to have following a $110,000 South Beach celebration, I’m sure he’ll have a good laugh over it.

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