Rashard Lewis Denies Absurd Rumor He Slept with LeBron James’ Girlfriend

An absurd rumor was started by a gossip website Thursday and it spread across the internet. The rumor, which had extremely shaky details, said that Wizards forward Rashard Lewis had slept with LeBron James’ girlfriend, Savannah Brinson, and that’s the reason LeBron had been playing poorly in the Finals. The report surfaced the day after Stephen A. Smith said LeBron was going through personal issues that affected his play in Game 4 of the Finals, leading people to connect the two stories. I said they were separate, unrelated issues, but it didn’t matter to the folks hungry to jump on any possible anti-LeBron news. The result was Rashard Lewis going on a radio station in Houston to quash the rumor:

People can deny a story and still have it turn out to be true, but this felt differently. Two items convince me what Rashard says is true: he’s never met Savannah, and he says he talked to LeBron’s circle about the rumor. That was enough to convince me. Now the only other question I have is why Rashard Lewis says the NBA is a tight sorority. Bro, I know you skipped college and went straight to the NBA, but you gotta know better than that. That’s turrible.

Meanwhile, we have yet to hear a denial from Delonte West.

Head nod to Black Sports Online for the video

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  • http://twitter.com/SittonRead Charles Sitton

    Whether this rumor is true or not ( which I really hope it is not) the start of if only hurts Lebron James even more. It seems like the media and society cannot get enough of trying to bring this man down. What has Lebron done to deserve this? Trying to better himself, doing what all we Americans and people all over the world try to do. It really needs to stop.

    There are several NBA players who have cheated on their wives, bad mouth their teammates, got in fights, went to jail, and so many other bad things I just don’t have time to name. Has Lebron ever done this? As far as we know the answer is no. So media and Lebron haters, stop trying to bring an innocent man down.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    The initial site that reported it had very few and very shaky details. It’s disappointing people lent the story credence.