Rick Carlisle wants the Thunder to stop all their ‘dirty bulls***’ (Video)

For the second time in his team’s first-round series against the Thunder, Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle complained about the way the game was being played.

Carlisle was asked about the physical play in the series following his team’s 102-99 Game 2 loss in Oklahoma City. He slipped some profanity into his response.

“It’s playoff basketball — it’s physical. We don’t like the cheap shots when they give ‘em, and they don’t like ‘em if we give em. That’s the nature of competition,” Carlisle said. “I love hard play, clean, competitive playoff series. You throw the ball up and may the best team win. But the dirty bulls***? It’s gotta stop. We don’t want anybody getting hurt out there.”

Carlisle was referring to a play in the first quarter when Dirk Nowitzki and Kendrick Perkins mixed it up and received double technicals. Carlisle even got involved and came onto the floor. But voicing his opinion about the physical nature of a series is nothing new for him; he’s doing it to get the officials in his favor.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RU36RKSLMO5G4SOV6A4UXP2BEE Jean_90z

    Coach Carlisle was not voicing his opinion about the physical nature of the
    playoffs to get the officials on his side.  He is right, its got to stop or somebody is going to get hurt really bad… Thunder can dish it out, but they cry foul when the Mavericks try to counter their tactics, and it is so obvious any one can can see that.  Thunder,s coach went ballistic  running up and down the court and throwing his hands up in the air like a young school boy, when the Mavericks was only one point ahead in the last few minuets.