Tracy McGrady: I Could Buy Greece with My American Express Black Card

Like many other countries across the globe in the year 2011, Greece is not in the best economic condition. Strikes and riots have taken their toll as the country heads for bankruptcy, but we won’t bore you with politics since that certainly isn’t our thing. The only reason we bring it up is to lead you into the idiotic statement Tracy McGrady made on Twitter on Monday regarding Greece.  Here is the brilliant tweet that I Am a GM shared with us:

I must admit that we don’t know exactly what McGrady means by that, but it sounds pretty offensive and wouldn’t be the first time T-Mac has had something idiotic to say.  A comment like that is one of those that reaffirms what many believe about multimillion-dollar athletes: They think they’re better than everyone.  In this case, it sounds like McGrady thinks he’s better than an entire country.

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  • Anonymous

    How would greece look with spinner rims?

  • Gene

    Big deal, black platinum.  If Greece defaults, any of us could buy it for a dollar.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J2XXXTMAIYPJDTI36QR6U6Q2B4 Sports

    No Gene, they can default and won’t be for sale. They have a military and a navy so good luck trying to buy them for a dollar. Greece has lasted for thousands of years. You’re an idiot!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-Odom/100001701282749 Joseph Odom

    u gave da league three good years, was not one of the top ten players,overrated, adidas was dumb! no playoffs series wins, no mvps,no leader, stat sheet stinks,whew………tired of typing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Schun-Johnson/100000560975416 Schun Johnson

    I think whoever felt this was news worthy needs to really get out the house and find themselves a life.

    Why do people constantly feel the need to hang on to every comment a popular athlete says on one of these social media sites ?? 

    Tracy McGrady, regardless of what you might think of him as a basketball player – is a  cool dude who does a lot for a number of charities and global causes.  So what he cracked a joke about Greece – Its not like our neighbors from afar isn’t looking at our dysfunctional government, Hollywood culture, and having a laugh themselves. The only difference is that we have ” freedom of speech ” and a lot of what they say is censored and regulated.

  • Jenda Hrbek

    He cracked a joke, not a bad one, I agree.
    Even his “other idiotic comment” was more of a nice joke than anything else.