Video: Pau Gasol Fouled Hard by Mickael Pietrus to End Game 4

While a lot of people will be talking about Derek Fisher’s big three pointers to help the Lakers win Game 4 and the Magic blowing a five point lead with a minute to play, it was a play at the very end of the game that was pretty controversial. Likely frustrated by his team blowing the game, Mickael Pietrus took out some anger against Pau Gasol. The game was already over at this point:

I don’t know how to look at this as anything other than Pietrus being a poor sport. Honestly, watching this in full-speed reminds me of one of those Terry Tate Reebok commercials. Pietrus should have taken care of things during the game so he didn’t have to release frustration at the end of it.

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  • easyE

    Pietrus is a poor sport. The league needs to step in on this with at least a hefty fine and possibly a suspension. Thug, gansta-hoopster has no place in the finals……

  • Jeff J

    Poor sport.

    I know Kobe got away with an elbow on that pass to Fisher, but this was alot worse. I hope they fine him but not suspend him. I want the Lakers to win fair and square, and not have people say they only won because Pietrus was not in the game.

  • Leo

    Pietrus is such a… (fill in the blank with your cuss word of choice). What a way to represent the organization. Good job Mike. Moron!! The game was already over prior to Gasol’s dunk anyway. Pietrus should have done what he did when Kobe made that 3 in his mug. Just stand there and watch him make it. What a clown. Step your game up Pietrus. Don’t cry. Take the loss and keep it moving.

  • LAL

    If you were able to see Mickael’s hands on the replays, he hands were not open for a push they were closed for punching. That closed fist move deserves a suspension.

  • Furr

    I think Pietrus was upset for Gasol dunking with the game in hand, but now all he can do is se serrer la main (shake hands) and say “Au revoir” cuz this series is Fin.

  • Paul

    Pietrus needs to be suspended at least one season – do what he did on the street, straight to prison.

    Two fists clenched with a big wind up – look at his eyes, he wanted blood. Too much emotion, basketball is a non-contact & professional sport. He has proved himself here to be of very low intelligence by his attack.

    Disgusting gameplay. Now if he wants to take it to the Octagon with Kimbo or Lesnar, I’ll be watching. JUSTICE for Gasol!!!!!!!!

  • Mika

    That was a low blow and as a woman who likes a good game all I can say is that he should be suspended. He could havereally injured Gasol.

  • SpinMax

    I don’t see how that’s even a foul. Let em play!