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Friday, June 22, 2018

Shaq Crawls into Stands, Hugs and Kisses Daniel Baldwin

Shaq must be quite comfortable with his sexuality because he has no problems doling out kisses to men. Last season he pulled a Rafer Alston and kissed Caron Butler during a game against the Wizards. This time he kissed someone during a game but it wasn’t a fellow player. It was actor Daniel Baldwin who was sitting in the first row under the basket in Portland. Check out the Shaq kissing Daniel Baldwin video:

Shaq may have lost some of his stamina and quickness on the court but his playful personality sure hasn’t gone anywhere. That kiss may have been out of the ordinary but it was nothing compared to the strange combination of shoes LeBron wore. LBJ had one blue shoe and another orange shoe on his feet to match the throwback jerseys the Cavs wore. Maybe he should keep it up considering he put up 41 points and the Cavs got an easy road win. Just a thought.

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