Trevor Ariza Throws an Elbow at DeMar DeRozan in Frustration

While most sports fans were busy focusing on week 14 of the NFL season, there were a few NBA games going on. In one, the Cavs beat the Thunder in Oklahoma City and LeBron James went into the stands to grab a french fry from a fan. In the earliest game on the schedule, the Raptors spanked the Rockets in Toronto. The game was pretty much a blowout from the start and Trevor Ariza’s putrid shooting performances didn’t help matters. Ariza went 0-9 from the field and 1-2 at the line, giving him one point in the game midway through the third. At that point, Ariza’s frustration got the best of him. Check out his reaction as he throws an elbow at DeMar DeRozan:

Let me see if I can add things up here: you’re frustrated that you’re having a cold shooting game, and then a rookie pokes the ball away from you and steals it so your natural reaction is to throw an elbow? Why is that, is it DeMar DeRozan’s fault that Trevor Ariza and the Rockets were stinking? Ariza should know better than to behave like this. Maybe a one game suspension will remind him of the type of sportsmanship the NBA expects of its players.

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  • JS

    Maybe they had been arguing during the game about the Neuheisal time out/Carroll td bomb of a couple weeks ago.

  • SpinMax

    If you’re going to do it and get punished, make damn sure you connect and get your money’s worth

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Man, what does that tell you about these guys when I didn’t even identify them as Bruins or Trojans. That’s the day we live in with players jumping for the NBA