Timothy Bradley unimpressed with Manny Pacquiao’s punching power, speed

Timothy Bradley was lucky he was awarded a split-decision victory over Manny Pacquiao last weekend, but now he’s just gloating.

“I took his best punch. [Pacquiao's] a good puncher, but Kendall Holt is a better puncher,” Bradley said on The Boxing Lab. “Holt has one-punch knockout power. Pacquiao doesn’t.

“I’ve been in the ring with guys who are faster,” he said.

While Bradley did credit Pacquiao for being smart, throwing good combinations, and having snappy punches, he maintained that Pac Man wasn’t that impressive.

“He couldn’t knock me out. He hurt me once. The majority of the shots he missed,” Bradley says.

All the talk about the fight being fixed and that Bradley was given a gift has him jaded.

“I’m the welterweight champion of the world and it don’t feel like it because people don’t feel like I deserve it. It sucks. It’s not right. I’m not giving my belt back. Period,” he says.

Oh, and what’s Bradley’s motivation for his next fight?

“Whatever makes the most money.”

Yeah, that’s not going to help dispel speculation that the fix was in. Meanwhile, there are talks that Pacquiao may fight Juan Manuel Marquez for the fourth time instead of Bradley in November.

Bradley sure is talking a big game for a guy who clearly lost. I really don’t care what he says after being gifted a decisions. I watched the fight with the sound off, too, just like he says, and he still lost.

Photo credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

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  • Anonymous

    I watched the fight too with the sound off and I still gave it to Bradley 115-113.

  • Anonymous

    Me too, I watched the fight without sound and I give Pacquiao a 10-2. 

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you…Bradley won,. Pacquiaos punches were missing most of the time

  • Anonymous

    Bradley Won it fair and square

  • Anonymous

    Bradley knows he lost, even after he watched the tape of his fight with Pacquiao.  He probably gave himself credit for the rounds were he was close to winning and felt that was a victory in itself.  It’s sad that he doesn’t realize the entire boxing community knows he lost but he will continue to pretend he won.  he knows this “gift” of a decision is the only way he will make another multimillion dollar payday.

  • http://www.facebook.com/greg.varney Greg Varney

    I watched it last night on the replay for the first time, if you believe Bradley won you’re deaf, dumb & blind….

    They also had the judge tell everyone listening that they do not score the fight on a point system, what a crock of crap…

    The only people stupid enough to side with Bradley where born on 6/8/2012…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A2PJU2BSPKU732ECXXWFGP2OKQ X Vang

    Unbiased people can watch mute or unmute for the next 100 YEARS and Manny Pacquiao still WON.  Manny Pacquiao won 10 rounds to 2. Period.  Or you are just a pure hater.