Dan Wheldon and Wife Got His and Her Tattoos Night Before Fatal Crash

IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon and his wife, Susie, spent part of the night before his tragic death reaffirming their devotion to each other.

Norm Clarke wrote in his Vegas Confidential on Monday that Wheldon and his wife had their initials — D.W. and S.W. — tattooed on their wrists at Huntington Ink at the Palms hotel Saturday night.

Also that night, according to Clarke, Wheldon greeted Palms owner George Maloof with a bear hug. “He was just a fun, fun guy,” said Maloof, who attended the fateful race Sunday. “A great guy.”

Maloof told Clarke that when he encountered the couple, Susie was pushing a stroller that held their 7-month-old son, Oliver.

Here is a picture of the couple showing off their new tattoos:

(via Darren Rovell, Mark Waters)

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  • Anonymous

    we have to make indy cars safer. dan in his passing will hopefully do for Indy Car what Dale’s death did for Nascar. Please make it safer for these racers. they arent gobots shoved in a car. most everyone of them are part of a family unit that is destroyed with one of them passing…..
    Izod put the pressure on them. if they are going to wear your name Require them to take more and better safety measures.