Joey Logano: Kevin Harvick’s Wife ‘Wears the Firesuit in the Family’

Sunday’s finish at Pocono involving a crash between Joey Logano and Kevin Harvick was reminiscent of the way their Nationwide Series race ended in March. In Bristol that weekend, the two drivers were battling for fifth on the final lap when Harvick dumped Logano who ended up 14th. Almost the same thing happened on Sunday at the Pocono 500. Fighting for positioning, Harvick nudged Logano on the 198th lap, sending him spinning into the wall. Harvick wound up 4th while Logano finished 13th. If there was anything positive to come from the collision on the track, it was Logano’s priceless reaction. The 20-year-old unloaded on his counterpart after the race. Check out Joey Logano’s comments ragging on Kevin Harvick:

Without question that crash could have been avoided and it sure seems to me that Harvick is trying to send Logano a message on the track. Joe Gibbs, for whom Logano races, is saying he won’t interfere with the two drivers and he’ll just let them work it out. While Joe appears to be patient, something tells me this will take a while before it’s all settled. I’m glad Joey didn’t back down and allow Harvick to push him around.

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  • Steve DelVecchio

    I think it’s awesome the kid is showing NASCAR he’s serious about it and not just some baby-face who’s only creating a buzz because he’s young. I’ve been a Logano fan just because of his age – since he’s such a young driver amongst some old, out of shape loud mouths. I like him even more now. Can’t wait to head to the race in a few weeks up in New Hampshire.

  • http://none knucklebuster48

    I think Logano is learning that if you can’t run with the big dogs he needs to stay on the porch. He didn’t have the room to come down in front of Harvick,and he caught some air as well. I watched the whole race and frankly everyone was pushing to the limit. Some crashes were just from the air and the high winds they were having there in Pocono.Some were from bad judgement. If Logano thinks that after 2 years of Sprint Cup he can run with these guys ,he’s badly mistaken. Is comment about a man’s wife deserves a solid put in the wall or face to face with a fist in his mouth. He showed how much of a child he still is!