Shaq Dresses Up Like Girl as Shaqeeta and Is Scary Feminine

That was Shaq on Halloween Sunday looking straight up like a girl. He had the stuffed bra, wig, makeup, and heavy eye shadow going. Oh yeah, and he was bragging about the size of his breasts and booty, err, rather the size of Shaqeeta’s goodies.

Now if you really want the full experience, check out Shaqeeta rocking out to Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams:

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Heat Interested in Acquiring a Point Guard, Smart Idea?

Through only three games, we can already see the Miami Heat are going to take some time to before they gel.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being one of those writers who panics because they lost a game already.  All I’m saying is we can see there are going to be some growing pains along the way, as most of us expected.

According to Pro Basketball Talk, Pat Riley may be interested in acquiring a point guard to add to his All-Star roster.  Riley is looking to send about $3 million and backup point guard Mario Chalmers to a team that is rebuilding and looking to shed a long-term contract.  More specifically, Riley wants to bring an outside shooter to Miami in an attempt to stretch the floor a bit more and create space for his playmakers.

Neither LeBron James nor Dwyane Wade is a point guard.  Both are capable of bringing the ball up the floor, but the thought is that the Heat would benefit from having somebody who can get Wade, LeBron, and Chris Bosh the ball and also spot up and hit shots from the perimeter.  Makes sense, but is it really the best idea?

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Anthony Tolliver Is on LeBron’s Hit List

Over the summer, Timberwolves forward Anthony Tolliver made a hilarious video spoofing LeBron’s “The Decision” show (must-see if you haven’t). In the video, Tolliver mocks LeBron and announces his own decision to sign with Minnesota as a free agent. Nobody gave a crap about Tolliver’s decision to take his services to the T’Wolves, but everyone cared about LeBron’s decision, yet Tolliver’s video got over a quarter million hits on YouTube.

LeBron’s Heat plays Tolliver’s Timberwolves on Tuesday, so some Minnesota reporters asked James whether he had seen Tolliver’s spoof. According to the Star Tribune, James turned icy and said: “I didn’t see it, but I heard about it. We play Minnesota twice.”

If this were college football, I’d fully expect the Heat to run up the score and try and earn some style points. Heck, if LeBron was as serious about keeping his “mental notes” on people knocking him this summer as he says he was, the Heat will keep their starters in until the final buzzer.

Miami was already an entertaining team, and now I want to watch to see how badly LeBron will make Tolliver pay for the show. Are you really surprised that LeBron can’t just let it go?

Shocker Alert: Miami Heat Intro is Over the Top and Obnoxious (Video)

Would we expect anything less from a group who took part in a Three Kings into party almost immediately upon signing with their new team?  Although it could be the least surprised I’ve been since Christmas morning in 1996, I just want to call your attention to the fact that the new Miami Heat intro is completely obnoxious.  Naturally, the new South Beach crew couldn’t settle for an adrenaline-boosting song and a tunnel of high fives.  They went with the pitch black, individual spotlight on every player approach.  Oh yeah, and Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” was blasting in the background the whole time.  I think they’re the first team to use that track.  I could be wrong.  Have a look at the Miami Heat home opener intro video:

In other news, a shipment of about 250 towels was sent over to the ESPN headquarters in Bristol after the debut of the intro.  The order form said they were for “general clean up” or something like that.  I’m not sure what that’s all about.

Video Credit: YouTube user ssschaef1127

Rajon Rondo Racks Up 24 Assists in Win Over Knicks

Last year, Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo set a franchise record for assists in a season when he finished the year with 794.  On Friday night against the Knicks, Rondo came close to another Celtics’ record with 24 assists in a single game.  The record is 28, held by Celtics’ legend Bob Cousy.  Rondo also recorded a triple double during the game, and in the process tied the NBA record for most assists in a triple double.

After seeing Rondo do things like this and this, we already know he’s a special talent.  But setting assist records for the Boston Celtics is truly an amazing feat.  We’re talking about a franchise that was home to players like Bob Cousy, Dennis Johnson, Jo Jo White, and K.C. Jones.  Those names are nothing to balk at.  Sure, Rondo has been fortunate enough to play with guys like Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce.  The others had some help too, playing alongside the likes of Bill Russell, Larry Bird, and Kevin McHale.  If Rondo can develop some sort of respectable jump shot over the next few seasons, he could easily be the best guard in the league.

Photo: AP Photo/Winslow Townson

Delonte West and Von Wafer Involved in Fight After Celtics Practice

Delonte West is sitting on a non-guaranteed contract with the Boston Celtics at the moment, so it’s probably not a good idea for him to be drawing negative attention to himself.  After getting into a fight with Von Wafer — another Celtics guard — it looks like that’s exactly what West has done.

Pro Basketball Talk is reporting, via Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld, that some rough play on the court during practice carried over into the locker and punches were exchanged.  According to an Adrian Wojnarowski tweet, West believed Wafer was responsible for a quote that was in the Boston papers from an anonymous source who had said it was “obvious” when West hadn’t taken his medication (he takes medication for bi-polar disorder).

Kennedy claims West was fouling Wafer every time he touched the ball during a three-on-three game in practice.  Delonte got rougher and rougher with his play and Wafer apparently had had enough, so he exited to the locker room.  Wafer showered after practice and sat down, and that’s when West came up to him and sucker punched him.  Wafer threw two punches back at West before teammates came in and broke the scrum up.

Obviously this wasn’t your typical argument among teammates if West decided to carry it over into the locker room well after the initial incident occurred.  As Kennedy added, West is already serving a 10-game suspension and Danny Ainge is reportedly growing tired of his antics.  The Celtics certainly have enough depth that they could afford to let him go, so that might be the next step.  It doesn’t appear West is that happy in Boston, anyway.

Deron Williams Gets on Rookie Gordon Hayward During Blowout Loss

The Jazz is 0-2 after getting blown out in back-to-back nights to start the season. They’ve given up 110 points in both games, falling to Denver on Wednesday night and Phoenix on Thursday. During the 4th quarter of Utah’s game with Phoenix Thursday night, point guard Deron Williams got on rookie first-round pick Gordon Hayward for not being in the right place and doing the right thing within the offense. Here’s the video via Hoops Notes:

If you were expecting something big, you were let down because that was pretty mild but it shows the kind of demands Deron has for his teammates. After the game, D-Will said “We don’t know the offense.” He also said his outburst at Hayward was “communication.” Sucks for Williams who has been used to going to the playoffs and winning every year he’s been in the league except his rookie season. What does he expect with half the Jazz now playing with the Bulls?