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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Lou Williams, Nearly Robbed, Bought Thief McDonald’s

Earlier Monday, we shared the story of Lou Williams. The 76ers guard tweeted over the holiday weekend that he was nearly robbed but the gunman spared him because of all the work he does for the community. Williams deleted the tweet, but he elaborated on the story. “A guy tried to rob me but decided…Read More

TNT’s NBA Forever Christmas Day Intro Was Spectacular (Video)

After an extended offseason that had all basketball fans on edge, the NBA came back with a vengeance on Christmas. There were five games — most of which were competitive — and they featured some of the league’s top teams. The first game was on TNT, and the network went all-out with its “NBA forever”…Read More

NBA’s So Happy Together Big Head Commercial Is Money (Video)

Oh NBA, how we missed you so. Last year’s big head commercials weren’t too interesting (they were actually kind of stupid), but the one that was playing all throughout the opening day on Christmas was splendid. Dirk on the mic, Amare on the horn, Steph Curry playing base, and Rondo on the guitar. Does it…Read More

Stephen Jackson Says He Quit on Bobcats When Gerald Wallace Was Traded

Stephen Jackson will be playing for his seventh different NBA team this year. An 11-year veteran, Jackson has bounced around about as much as possible and been relatively productive wherever he’s gone. When the Bucks take on the Bobcats on Monday, he will be taking taking on the most recent of his former teams, the…Read More

Adidas May Want to Keep Dwight Howard from Chicago

Dwight Howard has made it clear he wants out of Orlando. The All-Pro center has asked for a trade to one of three teams: the Lakers, Mavericks, or Nets. One GM doesn’t think Orlando is interested in what the Lakers can offer, and the Nets’ trade chip, Brook Lopez, is injured. One would figure that…Read More

Caron Butler Hits Shot from Behind the Basket (Video)

When it came to the Clippers, most of the excitement during the abbreviated NBA offseason centered around the acquisition of Chris Paul.  Paul is expected to turn Los Angeles into Lob City, so the buzz is completely warranted.  However, it has also caused the Caron Butler signing to fly under the radar.  Like his extremely…Read More

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