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Saturday, September 5, 2015


Kevin Durant Growing Tired of Lockout, Getting Ready to Play Overseas

When the NBA’s best players start talking about playing overseas, it may be time to officially start worrying about the lockout.  As far as the public is concerned, there has been little to no progress made with the labor negotiations between the NBA and NBA Players Association.  Players have found a variety of activities to…Read More

LeBron James: I Would Beat Kobe One-on-One, Game Will Never Happen (Video)

It’s always fun to think about how superstars match up against each other individually. Despite the fact that they never actually face one another, people love to play the Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady card. With that in mind, we can understand why speculating about one-on-one match-ups is more fun in basketball — where they…Read More

LeBron James and Kevin Durant to Play in Flag Football

LeBron James is finally getting his wish. After months of flirting with resuming his football career, which, you know, ended in high school, LeBron will finally play in a real game. Sort of. James tweeted Thursday that on November 30th, Team LeBron James will face Team Kevin Durant in a flag football game. This game…Read More

Mickael Pietrus Visits Chinese Monks to Treat Knee Injury

In an era where many professional athletes are turning to technologically advanced devices to accelerate the healing process, it is surprising to someone use older, more traditional methods to treat injuries.  There are people like D.J. Williams who spend time in a hyperbaric chamber while other notable athletes have turned to cryotherapy as a method…Read More

Brian Cardinal Takes Job as Purdue Athletic Department Intern During Lockout

Another day without NBA basketball. You know what that means?  More players finding ways to keep themselves busy.  Brian Cardinal, who was a role player on last season’s NBA champion Dallas Mavericks, has taken a position within his alma mater’s athletic department.  According to the Sporting News, Cardinal will be joining the Purdue athletic department…Read More

LeBron James Plays in Jewish Community Center Basketball Game (Picture)

Nike has a new campaign termed “Basketball Never Stops,” and the idea is that its players are practicing, playing, and training anytime of the day, anywhere in the world. In one of the commercials, a Nike athlete is seen hooping in a Jewish rec league game. Heat star LeBron James took that literally on Monday…Read More

Tim Tebow Invites LeBron James, Dwight Howard to Play for Broncos

Twitter nearly exploded late Monday when superstars Tim Tebow, LeBron James, and Dwight Howard all became part of the same conversation. When it comes to polarizing athletes in the world, it doesn’t get much bigger than Tebow or LeBron. Dwight’s not as controversial, but he has a strong presence on Twitter with 2.3 million followers….Read More

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