Ohio State coach body slams fan who ran onto field (Video)

When running onto the field of play during a game, there’s always the chance you could end up as the star of a viral video, depending on how your intrusion is handled.

Simply corralled and handcuffed would probably be the least eventful result and may not have you remembered. On the other end of the spectrum is getting body slammed by a coach, who happens to be a former linebacker.

anthony-schlegel-body-slam-fanThe latter is exactly what happened at Ohio Stadium on Saturday during the game between Ohio State and Cincinnati.

A fan decided to venture onto the field and was promptly met by Anthony Schlegel. Schlegel is currently a strength and conditioning coach for Ohio State and was an All-Big Ten performer as a player for the Buckeyes.

I’m guessing the intruder was not anticipating that. It’s highly doubtful he will forget it, though.

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Christy Mack posts pictures showing recovery from injuries

Christy Mack recovery

Christy Mack provided a medical update via her Twitter account Sunday that shows she is making progress since being beaten by boyfriend War Machine last month.

Mack posted four pictures to show how she has recovered from all the injuries she sustained. The first picture on the top left was taken when she was in the hospital after being beaten by War Machine aka Jonathan Koppenhaver. The next two photos show the progress as swelling and bruising begin to disappear. The most recent photo is on the bottom right and it is from a charity event Mack attended on Saturday. The charity event was for Face Forward, which is a non-profit charity that provides funds for women and children who need reconstructive surgery following terrible situations.

On Aug. 11, three days after the beating, Mack released photos of her injuries and listed what happened to her:

– 18 broken bones
– Nose broken in two places
– Missing and broken teeth
– Unable to see out of her left eye
– Fractured rib and severely ruptured liver from kick to her side
– Can’t walk because her leg is so bad

Mack says she is able to walk now, but some have said it’s with somewhat of a limp. She’s been receiving complimentary dental treatments to fix her broken teeth and help get her smile back to normal. She has her vision and says doctors told her how lucky she is to have it where it is. Mack says her multiple nasal fractures will be fixed in the coming months. She has been told she is expected to regain movement in her upper lip in the next six months.

Mack says she has lost 15 pounds since the beating, which is a significant amount since she’s only 5-foot-1. She says she feels “much better about how I look now” and that putting on makeup for the charity event made her feel “beautiful” and “normal” for the first time in a very long time.

Koppenhaver is being held in a Las Vegas jail after being extradited from the Ventura County jail last month following his capture in Simi Valley, Calif. He faces charges of attempted murder, domestic battery by strangulation, first-degree kidnapping and sexual assault. Prosecutors are pursuing a life sentence.

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Haley Ellen Hunt says Clemson soccer hazing led to brain injury

Clemson-logoFormer Clemson soccer player Haley Ellen Hunt has filed a lawsuit against players, coaches and university administration claiming that she suffered serious injuries during a hazing incident that have had a lasting effect on her health. The incident, which occurred in August 2011, allegedly left Hunt with a brain injury.

According to the lawsuit that was obtained by Screamer, Hunt claims she was a freshman when the elder players on the team blindfolded her, spun her in circles and told her to sprint as fast as she could. She ended up sprinting directly into a brick wall.

Hunt claims her teammates knew she was headed for the wall but told her to run faster anyway. She says she crashed face-first into the wall and fell back into a table, suffering injuries to her brain, face, head and hands. One player described Hunt’s impact with the wall as the sound of “metal hitting metal.” The impact allegedly left her unconscious.

Hunt was taken to the locker room by a few teammates after suffering the injuries. While some players felt that she needed an ambulance, assistant coach Siri Mullinix supposedly called the team’s trainer to the scene instead and instructed the players not to speak of what had happened. Hunt was bandaged by the team trainer and never taken to the hospital.

Hunt suffered a concussion, lacerations to her hands and face, bruises and two black eyes that she says lasted two weeks. She now has to undergo regular neurological treatment, has impaired vision and takes medication daily. A concussion specialist told Hunt that she has “substantial decreased cognitive function” and that she should no longer play soccer.

Even worse, Hunt alleges Clemson has covered the incident up, only launching an “investigation” after her parents consistently demanded it and not punishing anyone when the investigation was complete. The school reportedly told the soccer team to go about hazing in a “better way” in the future.

What’s with women’s collegiate soccer and the hardcore hazing?

Barack Obama was denied tee time at multiple courses during Labor Day Weekend

Barack-Obama-Jeremy-LinLabor Day Weekend is one of the most popular golf weekends of the calendar year. Assuming the weather cooperates, it’s right up there with Father’s Day and Memorial Day. Everyone is looking to hit the links on or around Labor Day, which means you have to call very early to book a tee time. That’s even true if you’re the president of the United States of America.

According to NBC New York, Barack Obama was turned away from several golf courses in New York on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend because there were no available tee times.

The Trump National Golf Club, the Winged Foot and Willow Ridge were among some of the elite courses that rebuffed the president’s request to tee off there, according to several sources who were told about the president’s advance team’s calls to the club managers.

Club managers apparently did not want to inconvenience their high-powered and high-paying members over Labor Day weekend by shutting down their courses to accommodate the president.

Political analyst Dan Gerstein believes there is a time when Obama would have never been turned away and insists he has lost his “star quality.” It’s interesting to note that one of the courses was owned by Donald Trump, who has made it known that he hates the president.

That doesn’t sound like an offer Obama would be interested in taking, but it’s nice of Trump to put it out there. Hopefully Obama was still able to get some swings in at the driving range or something.

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Kate Upton nude photos likely came from Justin Verlander’s phone

Kate Upton Justin Verlander

Kate Upton recently made a point of saying she would nude pose nude for photos, but personal pictures of her naked ended up on the internet anyway.

The FBI is investigating whether the nude photos of Upton and many other celebrities that ended up on the internet Sunday were the result of the people falling for phishing scams rather than hackers exposing an iCloud security breach. Regardless of what investigators determine, the most likely scenario is that the nude photos of Upton came from the phone of her boyfriend, Justin Verlander.

A set of several photos made it onto the net Sunday that included naked shots of Upton. The photos appeared to come from one specific phone’s camera roll. That camera roll contained multiple pictures of Verlander in various stages of undress. The photos also contained pictures of women other than Kate Upton. Figuring that this was Verlander’s camera roll, the photos probably were ones texted to him by other women. That doesn’t necessarily mean Verlander’s cheating on her — the two were broken up for most of 2013 from what we can tell — and we don’t know when he received them.

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Additional proof that the photos came from Verlander’s phone was discovered by Deadspin. They were able to reverse track the data for the leaked photos and discovered that most of them followed Verlander’s traveling schedule with the Tigers.

On Sunday, there was an imgur gallery of photos on the net that seemed to be derived from Verlander’s phone. That gallery is no longer on the internet.

McKayla Maroney was underage when leaked photos were taken

McKayla Maroney not impressed

McKayla Maroney was underage when the leaked photos of her were taken, and her legal team is attempting to remove the hacked properties from the internet.

According to TMZ, Maroney’s lawyer contacted Porn.com demanding they remove the photos, which were spread across the internet Sunday as part of a massive leak of hacked celebrity photos. In the letter to the website, the attorney said the Olympic gymnast was underage when the photo was taken. Maroney did not turn 18 until Dec. 9.

Another one of Maroney’s attorneys sent cease and desist letters to other sites demanding that they remove the photos on grounds of copyright infringement, which implies Maroney owns the photos.

These letters are a strong indication that the photos are real, even though Maroney referred to them as “fake” over Twitter early Monday morning.

Though only a few alleged photos of Maroney were leaked, it’s possible some people are in possession of many more. Deadspin posted screenshots of a Facebook conversation between two people that shows one claimed to have possession of many celebrity photos. The conversation took place weeks before the Labor Day weekend leak. At the time, the person claimed to have 95 photos and four videos of Maroney. The sheer amount of photos and video allegedly possessed by the individual is another strong indication that the gymnast’s phone was hacked.

The origins of the leak are still being hotly debated. Speculation is that the photos were obtained by targeted hacks of individual phones or by some insecurities in the iCloud. The perpetrator(s) are likely facing serious legal consequences for their actions.

Christy Mack hears it from War Machine supporters after being pictured in Las Vegas

Christy Mack

Christy Mack found herself fighting off criticism from War Machine supporters after being photographed out in Las Vegas two weekends ago.

A Twitter user snapped a photo of Mack on Aug. 23, eight days after War Machine was captured by US Marshals for his alleged assault on Mack and another man, Corey Thomas.

After the photo was shared on Twitter, some started to question Mack about the extent of her injuries. Mack responded and defended herself.

Mack still has a lot of surgical repairs needed to get back to normal. She says she needs reconstruction on her nose and teeth. She recently got root canals for her fractured teeth.

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