Josh Gordon arrested for DWI


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was arrested for driving while impaired on Saturday morning. Matt Anderson of WKYC first reported the arrest, which took place at around 4:00 a.m. in North Carolina.

While it is unclear if Gordon was drinking or under the influence of drugs, Raleigh police captain Tommy Klein told Adam Schefter that Gordon appeared “appreciably impaired.”

Where do we even begin with this one? Gordon, who emerged as one of the best wide receivers in the NFL last season, is already facing a potential season-long suspension for a second failed marijuana test back in May. After word of the arrest surfaced, former Browns linebacker D’Qwell Jackson wrote on Twitter that Gordon needs serious help from those close to him.

Earlier this week, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that sources close to Gordon are concerned he will have a “hard time making it back into the NFL” if he is suspended for a full season. The 23-year-old’s latest arrest has his future looking even more grim.

Photo: Twitter/Matt Anderson

Neymar suffers fractured vertebrae, out for remainder of World Cup

neymar-back-injury-smallAs the host nation for this year’s World Cup, and one of the great soccer nations, the pressure for Brazil to lift the trophy at the end of the tournament is immense.

For that to happen, a fully fit squad for manager Luiz Felipe Scolari to choose from would be ideal. After Friday’s quarterfinal match against Colombia that will no longer be the case.

Brazil star Neymar was stretchered off the field after taking a knee to the back from Juan Zúñiga. With one of the game’s brightest young stars in visible pain, the thoughts of many turned to Neymar’s possible availability for Tuesday’s semifinal meeting with Germany.

As it turns out, 22-year-old will not be able to play on Tuesday, or in the final if his country makes it that far. The collision has resulted in a fractured vertebrae and Neymar will be sidelined for the remainder of the World Cup.

Obviously, a huge blow for Brazil as if they are to capture their sixth World Cup championship it will have to be done without their best player. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear surgery will be required and we can only hope Neymar makes a full and speedy recovery.

Tim Howard yearbook quote is so appropriate


Imagine how popular Tim Howard would be if the US defeated Belgium on Tuesday. Despite a heartbreaking loss that eliminated Team USA from the World Cup, Howard’s amazing 16-save performance is all people can talk about. His high school yearbook quote only adds to the discussion.

A Reddit user whose Reddit name can’t be repeated on here dug up Howard’s yearbook, in which he chose “It will take a nation of millions to hold me back” as his quote. Commenters quickly pointed out that Howard likes Public Enemy, and the hip hop group’s second album was entitled “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.”

Still, the quote could not be more appropriate. Howard was one man standing against an entire nation throughout most of Tuesday’s match. Had it not been for his record-setting performance, the US would have been embarrassed.

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Tim Howard was briefly the U.S. Secretary of Defense, according to Wikipedia

Tim Howard diveThe World Cup run of the United States came to an end on Tuesday at the hands of Belgium, who was victorious by 2-1 final score.

Speaking of hands, it was those of U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard that kept the team in the match with a performance those who were watching will not soon forget. Howard recorded a pretty ridiculous 16 saves, many of which were straight out of the top drawer.

Howard’s display was the talk of social media during the game and even prompted a brief change to the Wikipedia page for the United States Secretary of Defense, as shared by Grantland’s Danielle Elliot.

For reasons like this, the internet is great.

Had the U.S. been able to defeat Belgium, a public office may not have been out of the question for Tim Howard.

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Also see: Tim Howard yearbook quote is so appropriate

Serena Williams withdraws from Wimbledon after becoming ‘dizzy, disoriented’

An incredibly bizarre scene unfolded at Wimbledon on Tuesday morning when Serena Williams and Venus Williams were forced to withdraw from their doubles match after Serena became dizzy and disoriented. It’s unclear what exactly was wrong with Serena, but her behavior was extremely alarming.

Prior to the match, Williams could barely focus enough to volley a ball over the net. She had trouble doing simple things like tossing a ball up to serve it.

As Business Insider’s Cork Gaines noted, ESPN commentator Chris Evert described Williams as looking “wobbly” when she first came on the court. She also noticed that Williams was not wearing eye makeup like she normally does and went as far as to wonder if Serena was on some sort of drug. Fellow commentator Pam Shriver made similar comments.

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Carmelo Anthony to meet with Bulls first, but Knicks still viewed as favorites

Carmelo Anthony KnicksCarmelo Anthony has plans to meet with numerous teams in free agency, but the Knicks reportedly are still the favorites to sign him.

Anthony is scheduled to first meet with the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday, then the Rockets and Mavericks Wednesday, and the Lakers on Thursday.

Despite the planned meetings, CBS Sports’ Ken Berger says the Knicks are viewed as the favorites to retain the offensive machine.

If there’s one team the Knicks should be concerned about, it’s probably Chicago. Bulls defensive star Joakim Noah has been recruiting ‘Melo since the All-Star break, while coach Tom Thibodeau has also expressed interest in the forward.

‘Melo does not have a meeting scheduled with the Miami Heat, but they should not be discounted as a possibility. Pat Riley will try to convince Anthony to join the team on a reduced deal. You can bet on that.

Was Mexico robbed by penalty on Robben that decided game? (Video)

Mexico lost in the round of 16 at the World Cup for the sixth straight time after falling 2-1 to The Netherlands Sunday. Mexico was up 1-0 after Giovani Dos Santos scored in the 48th minute, and they held that lead until Wesley Sneijder made the equalizer in the 88th minute. And that’s where things went off the rails.

Mexico was called for a foul committed against Arjen Robben in the box during injury time. The yellow card in the box gave The Netherlands a penalty kick, and Klaas Huntelaar converted the deciding goal.

There is little doubt that Robben embellished the contact, but that doesn’t mean a foul was not committed by Rafael Marquez.

Rafael Marquez Arjen Robben

It’s just a shame that the match was decided by a penalty kick so late in the contest.