Male cheerleader Sacha Happell auditions to become Broncos cheerleader (Video)

As it turns out, the male cheerleader named Dixon Hernandez who tried out to become a Texans cheerleader over the weekend was not alone in his quest. He was indeed the only male out of roughly 1,000 hopefuls in Houston, but out in Denver a gentleman named Sacha Happell was trying to accomplish the same feat. Surrounded by more than 200 women, Happell attempted to fulfill his dream of becoming a Broncos cheerleader.

“When I dance, I lose myself,” Heppell said according to 9 News in Colorado. “I used to have a sign job where I would hold a sign on the street corner and I would do so many dance routines for people.”

Unfortunately, Heppell failed to make the cut. When his No. 156 was not called — signaling that he had not advanced to the next round of tryouts — he was disappointed but not discouraged.

“I’m a little disappointed,” he said. “I gave it all I’ve got, you know, and I just didn’t make the cut. I’m going to continue to practice. I’m going to practice, practice, practice throughout this year and I will be back next year.”

The good news is the people who drive by and see his sign on the street still get to watch him dance. We’re all thankful for that, but it’s a shame Heppell couldn’t become the first male cheerleader to make an NFL squad. Male cheerleaders have been a controversial subject for years. If Heppell’s potential is anywhere near that of this amazing male Chinese cheerleader, the Broncos made a big mistake in letting him go.

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  • louie peterson

    Best part – The news anchor at the end saying, “A lot of STIFF competition there”…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4PL3INE76SSLGFVJPVUQ5QXSII Robert

    Equal rights is equal rights. 

  • http://twitter.com/xKIBOSH Kibosh

    Good for him, too bad he’s aweful.

  • Anonymous

    i watched the video but didn’t see the guy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eliza-Wilson/100002676489155 Eliza Wilson

    Good for him but to be honest he can`t dance. He seems to lack rythym, style, ability and the women look stronger. Sorry. At least he seemed to have fun.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CUJFBUORXHUXT54A626J5USIMQ Keith


  • http://www.facebook.com/todd.filo Todd Filo

    He’s an idiot, cheerleading is for women exclusively. And why would you want to insert yourself where nobody wants you? He’ll probably sue and the baby will get his bottle, but what about everyone else in that stadium who doesn’t want him there? I would never force myself where I’m not wanted, nor do I know anyone who does, but then I’m not gay so I don’t understand their agenda of flaunting and forcing their twisted ways on others. What’s wrong with this world, and why do people put up with this crap?