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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Even Colorado’s Professors are Bagging on the Buffaloes Football Program

Ralphie_buffaloAfter a second disappointing loss to start the season for Colorado last week, we wrote a fictitious, humorous post suggesting Colorado didn’t allow their coach on the team plane back to Boulder. While that was just a sarcastic post, the notion was representative of the attitude around Boulder regarding the football program. If you don’t believe me, just check out the way a geology professor picked on a student of his who also is a football player.

Buffs football player Marcus Burton said his geology professor told the class: “You people may think this class is boring. We’re just talking about rocks. But it’s no more boring than both the CU games. Marcus, you’re a captain. Can you tell us about that?”

That’s so ridiculously inappropriate I can’t even begin to say how wrong it is. First off, academics and sports are supposed to be separate. You telling me this guy isn’t the type of person who would be willing to give the players good grades to keep them eligible if he’s making comments like that? Luckily the head of the geology department thinks the same way because he really took the professor to task saying, “The hope is that after such, both faculty and student can get back to the business of education, which, I hope most would agree, is the only business with which my department should be concerned.” Damn straight. You have to figure that Hawkins is done for good if they can’t beat Wyoming Saturday.

via Dr. Saturday

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