Facebook Leaks Notre Dame QB?

As the sleuthing Brian Cook at FanHouse discovered on Wednesday, Notre Dame’s starting QB for their opening game against Georgia Tech will be Demetrius Jones, not the speedo-wearing, Natty Light drinking, Jimmy Clausen. Even though Charlie Weis was playing coy with the media all summer long, he did say in his most recent press conference that the quarterbacks themselves know who the starter and backup are, and if they don’t, then they’re braindead. That’s why I believe the wall posting on Jones’ alleged Facebook profile that suggests he’s the starter. Check out this screen capture, via the Notre Dame blog, Rakes of Mallow:

How long before Notre Dame bans the use of facebook for their players? I’d say that mandate will be coming quite soon. Then again, this could be a fake page, but it still doesn’t mean the comments aren’t real.

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  • http://JohnRowland John Rowland

    Not hard to dope out D. Jones will start and Weis will go with a spread offense . Weis visited this Summer with the West Virginia coach who uses the spread offense . Georgia Tech’ blitz defense is made for a pro passing attack QB and that blitz attack would feed on rookies Clausen or Sharpley . But Jones in the spread offense will romp downfield on Tech’s blitzs. So Tech’s great defensive coach Tenuta has his hands full he has to practice his defense against two offensive schemes and with not enough time to practice against the spread offense . I remind you both Navy and Air Force run variations of the spread offense that always gives Notre Dame’s defenses fits and this Satruday it will with Tech’s defenses too,

  • SpinMax

    When it comes to gaying it up, Clausen >>>>>> all others. He must start