Fan Offering Cam Newton 1 Million Dollars to Pass Lie Detector Test

Cam Newton is preparing to be drafted this coming week and could very well end up as the top overall pick. He’s been scrutinized and criticized by draft analysts, and much of it is deserved.

Newton left Florida after stealing a laptop, reportedly was involved in academic cheating, and then he was shopped by his father to different colleges before he signed with Auburn. Cam never missed a game for Auburn because the NCAA determined he didn’t know his father was soliciting money. Try to hold your laughs.

Apparently there are still several fans who think the whole situation and NCAA reasoning is garbage, and one is on a mission to prove it. Clay Travis shared the news that a fan launched a website called Cam Newton Lie Detector. The fan who started the site is offering $1 million to Cam if he can pass a lie detector test by honestly answering “no” to these four questions:

1. Prior to signing with Auburn, were you aware your father was “shopping” you to Mississippi State or any other school?
2. Did you tell Dan or Meghan Mullen that you signed with Auburn because of the money because you truly believed Auburn had paid for your commitment?
3. Did anyone on the Auburn coaching staff/athletic department instruct you how to answer questions from the NCAA by lying or avoiding the truth?
4. Did you or your family ever receive any impermissible benefits from Auburn?

Cam Newton’s about to sign for $30 million guaranteed, so taking one million to relive this whole college pay-for-play mess is not worth his time. Nothing will happen with this case unless the NCAA decides to proceed with a serious investigation.

Truthfully, all this shows us is how upset fans still are over the absurdity regarding the situation. The NCAA acknowledged that Cecil Newton shopped his son to schools yet they didn’t hold Cam or Auburn accountable. Their handling of the situation is as embarrassing as their fumbling of the Ohio State penalties. Even if Cam didn’t know his father shopped him, which is doubtful, he should still have been held accountable for it.

Phone calls and emails to the address and number listed on the site have gone unreturned.

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  • Anonymous

    One million dollars is worth even a billionaires time.

  • Gene

    Remember the immortal words of George Costanza: “It is not a lie if you believe it is the truth.” I am sure that Cam is practicing the internet course in Lying 101, along with Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Raphael-Roberson/100001902913331 Raphael Roberson

    The real problem here is that the Academic schools are mad they cant eat of Cams plate anymore. These folks make me laugh at the thought of asking a potential millionare to take a test in a few months . Cam will tell you where you can put your test. Hater!!!!!! you wish you had athletic ability . Mommy & Daddy could’nt buy you that?????

  • http://twitter.com/SportsChump ChrisHumpherys

    I’d pay good money to watch that.

  • http://profiles.google.com/razorblaze44 Greg Potter

    Look I don’t know if Cam took money or not, but really who the hell cares? College althletes should receive some compensation for thier “work,” and make no mistakes it is work to train constantly and play at a high level in any sport.

    Second, Lie detector test are unreliable. The results are based on the test givers personal opinion and thus he should refuse the 1 million dollar offer. Now I know you’re saying refuse 1 million dollars I have to be crazy…but actually, even a flawed lie detector test and baised result could hurt future endorsement deals worth millions.. if not 100’s of millions.

    Let the haters think whatever they want Cam… hope to see ya in the NFL very soon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Raphael-Roberson/100001902913331 Raphael Roberson

    The Haters will always have something to say be it you do good they say negative things be it bad they say good things . Cam keep doing you!! . If you get a chance tell the Haters to wipe your ass with that million & the paper that test was printed on . At the press confrence tell the Haters open your mouths so I can give you my new power drink & unzip your pants give the guy who wrote this article a cup too. That little million wont mean a damn thing against the 50 million worth in endorements HA, Ha, Ha, Hate on Haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, ………………….

  • Anonymous

    College athletes are compensated for their “work”. The get a degree if they do what they are supposed to do, much if not all of it paid for, and if they are good enough it proves to be the farm league for the NFL and or NBA. Cam like many of the other athletes going into the National Felons League and the National Bangers Association have little or no morals and/or ethics. It’s too bad out youth look up to them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wcwells William Casey Wells

    Funny how all of the sudden the same SEC zealots who burned USC to the ground over an agent paying his family money for him to LEAVE USC, an act that is certainly less aggregious than paying him to come to the university as part of the recruiting process, are now making commengts like, “What’s the big deal? College athletes deserve to be compensated!” Why is it that Cam and the SEC get a pass but USC is working with a dramatically depleted roster and 2 years of a bowl ban?

    What a complete and utter load of garbage the NCAA is. How hard is it to simply put up a spreadsheet that lists an infraction and the resultant punishment?

  • http://profiles.google.com/razorblaze44 Greg Potter

    I can see where this is going..whats next..some disparaging remark about them serving collards greens, corn bread and water melon at NFL Draft Day Commencement Ceremony?

  • Anonymous

    I am pretty sure Cam knew about his father’s antics with the Mississippi State thug that was trying to help him shop Cam. If I was Cam I would still take the lie detector test. If he passes, he get’s the million bucks. If he was to fail, it would not change anything from the NCAAs perspective. In all reality, does it really matter? We all know the NCAA has a double standard. The SEC pays their players the same as the other big conferences. Until the NCAA becomes a NON PROFIT SEPARATE ENTITY you will always see BS like Cam getting a pass and the likes of it. All sports are corrupt. It’s the name of the game. Just watch the games enjoy the wins get upset with the losses and move on. If you get tangled in knots over things you can’t control, your blood pressure goes up and next thing you know you are going into cardiac arrest over things in life that should not be important.

  • http://profiles.google.com/trojanprincess49 Linda kratavil

    What academic schools?????? In the SEC? The Special Education Conference is all about football and zero academics. Please, the guy is a thief and academic fraud (twice!), a habitual liar would pass a poligraph test, especially one with zero morals and integrity.

  • http://profiles.google.com/davidm.bixby David Bixby

    If I had nothing to hide I would take the money and give it to charity. And I would make a big deal about it. So if Cam Newton doesn’t jump at it then it is just as good as admitting that he has lied from the beginning. Let’s face it. Auburn bought that BCS championship. The SEC is simply semi-pro. Kudos to the guy who is smoking Newton out with this offer. Hopefully it will make even Auburn fans realize what their trophy really signifies.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SBMB6CL5YBC5EZ4ST66GF5KNKM Timothy

    Your thinking is flawed. You say that he should jump at the offer, and if he doesn’t it means that he’s admitting to lying… So by ignoring a total stranger’s offer to take a lie detector test is admitting to being dishonest. Listen, by confirming or denying some questions means that it’s okay to ask them in the first place when it isn’t. If Cam fails, what have you learned because YOU ALREADY BELIEVE HE LIED… . If Cam passes, you’ll believe the test is flawed or he’s an excellent liar because YOU ALREADY BELIEVE HE LIED… (What’s the point…)

  • Anonymous

    there r fat cats anyway in the ncaa using these kids 4 their end. viva cam!

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad how jaded and pathetic “supporters” are. If you believe in fair play and equality, I guess that makes me a “hater”, then Auburn should be investigated. Reggie Bush gave back the Heisman and SC got hammered. Ohio St. deserves severe penalties as well as their coach should have been fired if they had any integrity. All Auburn, Ohio St. & all the other colleges who don’t pay a price, is teach athletes that they & their athletic departments are above the “law”. Our institutions should protect the rest of us from the pretend “student” athletes, as they are only pawns in promoting the school and have average IQ’s of banana slugs.

  • Anonymous

    Color doesn’t matter… it’s sad to see you go there. Athleticism and intelligence know no color. Neither do morals or integrity. The only difference are morals & integrity can be learned no matter your socio-economic background or heritage. It would be nice if we all had them in all situations… instead of when it’s self serving because a program or athlete serves our needs. No one should be above the rules, otherwise, why have them?

  • http://profiles.google.com/razorblaze44 Greg Potter

    Sorry to see me go there? did you miss his shot across the bow “National Felons League and the National Bangers Association” what the hell was that?

  • Anonymous

    Raphael, you can’t be this naive can you? To think Cam didn’t know. please. Also I have some swamp land in Florida I’d like to sell you asap. ha LOL!

  • Anonymous

    I am sure most of this is probably an Alabama fan with these accusations. Just let it go people. You just cannot stand not winning all the time. Get used to it. You have won enough and it is time to let someone else win for a change!!!! Get a life!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    get a life dude!!!! Alabama has had many, many idiots on their teams and still does. Cam is wonderful person. He shouldn’t have to stoop to this to prove his innocence. Get over it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    There are people from all ethnic backgrounds in the NBA and the NFL… so, i doubt that was really a stab at anyone in particular…

  • Anonymous

    I will definately agree with what you are saying… It honestly, all comes down to money and how a pocket book will be depleted. The NCAA makes more money off the SEC – unfortunately enough – but that’s just the way it is. Perhaps the NCAA saw that Oregon was on the rise, Pete Carroll was on his way out, and Lane Kiffin was incoming (who already had more allegations from Tennessee – which may I point out, appears to be kind of swept under the rug by all this Cam Newton and Jim Tressell Business), and the NCAA decided that they wont be really helping the income much anyway, so the NCAA felt as though they needed to “make an example” out of USC. The NCAA simply frustrates me to no end. I think we need an entirely new system all together. What would the new system include, you may ask? That is a later discussion much more involved than this can allow at the present moment. But, thats my two cents (no pun intended)… for what its worth…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6YUMPI3FFEVWWLEWAZ4CPEGGVU Falls

    The liar is the person supposedly offering up a million dollars. He’s not going to give anyone a million for doing anything. Just another sandbagger trying to gravy train off Cam, it’s become an industry unto itself.

  • DK

    The son should not pay for the sins of the father. What is the fairest way to hold Cam responsible for his father shopping him around? And why is it doubtful that he had no clue about what his father was up to?

    I think the website and the questionnaire is more absurd than the situation, almost as much as your obvious slant against the guy, leaning towards a “guilty until proven innocent” argument against him. It doesn’t matter what he does at this point. People either believe that there was a dirty deal done or their wasn’t. The NCAA clearing him only amplified people’s supposition of guilt and if Cam passed a test (that courts don’t even always deem accurate), people will still be out here posting their hate against a phenomenal football player.

    You, Larry Brown, are the worst kind of “rabble rouser”

  • Anonymous

    Man, all of you dead beats, Yes dead beats, why don’t you clean out your own closet and take the test, to all people that have lived a perfect and honesty life, just die and go to heaven. America a people full of JOKES!

    You support your congress and gov’t. that lies to you and steal from you, you want to make a change march your A@@ up to Capital Hill and demand the same test, since you a Bad A@@.


  • Anonymous

    Why is it when people simply want justice, they are called “haters”? Has it occurred to any of you that we’re getting tired of teams getting away with bloody murder and just want a governing body like the NCAA to prosecute teams blindly, as if they didn’t know the name of the school being prosecuted?

    I’m not an Auburn or an Alabama fan. I won’t say who my team is because that is irrelevant. I want EVERY rule-breaker to be prosecuted.

    And if Cam is innocent, there’s no reason not to take this test. It’s certainly worth his time… if he’s innocent.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7TH6PW7DUVJ4SPALTPL5S5TMIQ jay

    Hater? Should you love someone just because they’re a good athlete regardless of their actions off the field.

  • Richard Smith

    To the football fans who want these haters to get a life; AMEN! These anal-retentive idiots don’t vet the politicians they elect with half the scrutiny that they micro-examine the background of a FOOTBALL player?! The universities and the networks and the sport pundents rake in millions upon millions of dollars while these college athletes put their bodies on the line in one of the most violent sports in the world. Yes, you Micro-Managing Knuckleheads, you need to GET A LIFE!

  • Anonymous

    Whether he did or didn’t . . . ITS FOOTBALL, not brain surgery or priesthood! I was going to say politics, but most of the elected officials in a certain party are far sleezier than even the mob.

  • Anonymous

    who cares if he knew what his daddy was doing ! Don’t blame him for NCAA incompetence. If you can do it and get away with it good for you, thats whats being taught by our politically correct society anyway

  • Anonymous

    This is FOOTBALL people! It’s not like Cam’s seeking to become president, then jack up the Federal debt by trillions upon trillions, and then fleece your pockets to pay the bill!

  • http://twitter.com/cristeven Cris Diokno

    Have Maury Povich moderate the lie detector test on his show! LOL

  • http://profiles.google.com/tcrosby67 Timothy Crosby

    What is wrong with you people. No one in college should receive money, get pay offs, or anything for their abilities. College is for getting an education, and sports should come second. It seems we have forgotten that. Scholarships should be awarded on academic merits not because you can run fast or throw a ball. Look at the ugliness that the NFL has become. Players have become selfish and the sport has suffered. 50 years ago players played for the love of the game not for the money. Now college has become corrupted just like a corporation. College is wasted on atheletes that don’t graduate, which is over half of football and basketball players. In the end we the fans are the ones who suffer and pays the price. But I guess most of you are too young to know better, or Mommy and Daddy must be rich and you live off their money and hard work. If changes are not made then all of our children will pay for it in the coming furture.

  • Anonymous

    you are a racist ass

  • Anonymous

    you are a racist ass

  • Anonymous

    get over it redneck. Cam kicked you bama ass

  • Anonymous

    you are an idiot, slavery is over, Cam don’t have to do what you redneck say. Go To Hell!

  • Anonymous

    Larry Brown you are a joke not a journalist.

  • Anonymous

    Well if you ask me (and I know you didn’t) Cam Newton is a master lair, anyone who doesn’t
    beleive that his dad didnt say hey son where going to make some money on you is just goofy. Fathers and sons talk and if a da is going to try and make money off of his kids 99.9% of the time they are going to tell them about it.
    But the real shame here is the fact that cam was able to convince the brain dead big wigg of both the NCAA and the SEC that he didnt know anything about it or atleast to look the other way (maybe there was more payoffs that we havent heard about yet) either way this is something that people and fans will be talking about for years to come and that is a shame for all the players who comes after Scam Newton and his father.

  • http://twitter.com/carywalker45 cary walker

    nothin has been proven so move on people to the next team that will go undeafeated or shut the hell up with all the whinnin that all you people do when its not your favorite teams that win