Johnny Manziel reportedly shoved a graduate assistant during a scrimmage

Johnny Manziel may be spending his offseason living it up and doing seemingly anything that will put a smile on his face, but that does not mean he has lost his competitive edge. Texas A&M held a spring scrimmage on Saturday and Manziel looked a bit rusty. He threw three interceptions, the last of which came on a short pass into the end zone as he was rolling to his right. That’s when things reportedly got a bit heated.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a graduate assistant jumped up and down with excitement after seeing the defense intercept Manziel’s pass. The GA was supposedly within arm’s length of Manziel — who was not in a good — so he shoved him. Players and coaches who were standing nearby quickly interjected and separated the two.

Don’t let the reigning Heisman Trophy winner fool you. He may be spending a lot of time sitting courtside at NBA games, dominating the casino and hanging with the Jonas Brothers, but it sounds like Manziel still cares about winning. If he’s still dressing up in Mardi Gras attire in a few months, then we can start worrying. But for now, don’t jump up and down in Johnny’s face after he throws an interception. Johnny don’t like that.

H/T Saturday Down South

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