Full Video: LeGarrette Blount Punches Boise State’s Byron Hout After Game

If the entire sports world didn’t know the name LeGarrette Blount before, they will now. The 17 touchdowns from last season and the potential Heisman dark horse run have been marred by Blount’s actions after Oregon’s beat down by Boise State on Thursday night. Upset, angered, frustrated, and disgusted by Oregon’s crap performance and his terrible performance, Blount went crazy after the game. Check out this video of LeGarrette Blount punching Boise State player Byron Hout:

As far as culpability here, Hout clearly initiated with some trash talking because even his coach was pulling him back in a manner of saying “hey, stop that.” Still, no doubt Blount crossed a line by delivering a punch. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Blount threw a punch at his own teammate! (#86), and then later was charged up going after the fans and had to be restrained like a mad man. Blount embarrassed himself and his school, and a suspension for poor sportsmanship, unnecessary aggression, and an inability to maintain sanity is in line. I’d say the kid should be suspended by the Pac-10 around three games to send a message that his actions were unacceptable and I really couldn’t disagree if the team suspends him for the season. His team was embarrassing, uninspired, and inept. If there’s anyone he should be upset with it’s himself for his 8 carry -5 yard performance and the rest of his team. That’s no way to take out frustration.

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  • JS

    So much for the AFCA’s pre-game handshake to encourage sportsmanship.

    I know it’s just a first game, but based on their performance, what is Oregon’s offense going to to against Cal, UCLA and USC ?

  • SpinMax

    I can’t see him going for more than 1 game because next week is Purdue who stinks….after that Utah and Cal which they’ll need him for. and winning is what it’s all about. If I were the coach I’d say 4 games min.

  • PAT


  • http://gregalario.com/ Greg Alario

    Blount will be ashamed all the way to the bank. I saw disrespectful victor getting what he deserves. In “old school” times tapping a player on the shoulder and gloating in his face would be an act that would be expected to be returned as it was. Granted, it was horrible sportsmanship by Blount, he obviously is very intense and prone to loosing his temper. If he is able to mature and control that temper, his redirected intensity will make him a ferocious competitor. Football is a violent sport, shit happens. If football doesn’t work out, I’m sure Dana White would welcome him into Ultimate Fighting.

    I just hope that Hout, being from an area known for white supremest, racist groups, was only fueled by competitive contempt in using his big, ignorant mouth to get a classless, “off the field” dig at a defeated opponent.

    PAT – Very eloquently said. What a moron

  • SpinMax

    Didn’t Blount start the trash talking before the game? That’s probably what Hout was pointing out and Blount couldn’t handle it.

    I didn’t see any of those fans tap him on the shoulder and he went after them too.

  • SpinMax

    Took guts to suspend him for the year. Good on them. I wonder if when they release a statement that it’ll be more about him nearly going into the crowd and the Artest like repurcussions.

  • Gene

    Blount deserved the exact punishment he got, but Hout deserved a one gamer for instigating the incident. I consider Boise State to be a bush league program if the coach cannot afford to have a player miss one game.

    Kudos to the Oregon coach for instituting the suspension, but shame on him for the poor preparation he provided to his team. They were not ready on either side of the ball and he has to take responsibility for that.