Penn State Should Not Go to a Bowl Game, Charity Donations or Not

It’s amazing how much the conversation about Penn State football has changed in the sports realm. In many senses, Penn State has been spared by the Syracuse allegations concerning Bernie Fine, which became the new hot scandal.

What’s disappointing is how the Penn State discussion topics in the sports world have shifted as if nothing happened. Instead of talking about Jerry Sandusky, the two questions concerning the program are 1) who will be the next head coach and 2) which bowl game will they go to.

First off, if it’s proven that the coaches, administrators, and law enforcement and/or government officials covered up child sexual abuse crimes to protect the Penn State football program, then the school should receive a lifetime ban from playing football. If you think that’s unfair, then you’re in denial about how deep this cover-up may run.

Secondly, given what’s at stake, Penn State should not be rewarded with a bowl game. They really should have had their season canceled once the allegations became public. By pressing forward, the country has once again proven that nothing is more important than playing football. For as much as we talked about morals and doing the right thing the week the grand jury presentment was released, we all suddenly forgot all that because we did not want to lose football games. That was the wrong mentality.

It’s not too late to make the right decision.

Why should a city and school, whose coaches, administrators, law enforcement and government officials may have covered up child sexual abuse crimes to protect the football program, be rewarded with a bowl game? Give me one good reason why. The whole area needs to be taught a lesson, as do all fans across the country, that playing football every Saturday is not more important than having a proper moral code.

What’s so embarrassing is that Penn State is now bragging that they’re going to donate $1.5 million in bowl revenue to sex-crime advocacy organizations. First off, if you want to donate money to a charity because you care about the cause, then donate the money. You don’t need a bowl game to do so. Secondly, do they really think this is a good public relations move? Is that really supposed to impress us?

The Second Mile was a charity whose mission sounded great. It was an organization that aimed to help disadvantaged young boys. It turned out to be a front for an alleged child molester to attract his victims.

Throwing cash to some charity does not make you a generous person who cares about a cause. And donating $1.5 million to some charities most of us are unfamiliar with means very little. If Penn State cared so much about fighting child sex abuse, or doing the moral thing, they would make the correct public statement by declining any bowl bids and explaining their reason for doing so.

It’s time to finally start doing the right thing.

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  • Anonymous

    Where is your outrage at Syracuse.  It is only a footnote.  Where is your outrage at ESPN for having the info and not doing anything?  There has been no indication that the PSU failure to repoort had anything to do with football.  In 2002, Sandusky was not on the staff.  This is unlike Syracuse, where the coach was employed at the time.  Not only that, but the head coach called the victim a liar.  Yet you just mention this in passing. 

  • Anonymous

    You sir are a hack!  You believe in punishing the whole instead of the guilty. Your pathetic scribling of non facts and bias opinions are nauseating.  Last time I checked Paterno had no charges against him and by the way he did do what he was soppose to do.  He notified his superiors immediatly on a guy who dosn’t work for him in 4 yrs on secondary information.  Also the police won’t even take your story unless it’s from the witness himself! Most companies and universities have codes to which your superiors must investigate first before legal action is taken to avoid embarrassing the individuals with false claims. I guess you in the media are familiar with that since 95% of what you write is opinion and 5% unfounded allegations. why don’t you quit so a real journalist can report the facts and the real story instead of bias and trash journaism.

  • Anonymous

    Sir, until the current coaches are proven guilty, they should not be punished. You, and others in the media called for their heads without a fair hearing. Joe Paterno clearly states he did not kow of the details of the alleged abuse. We are fortunate to be in a society where one is innocent until proven guilty. Someday if you are accused of a crime that you did not commit, you will be thankful for a fair trial. Cancelling the season for a group of young current players that had nothing to do with the actions of Jerry Sandusky is not fair. You can assume all you want about what Paterno knew, but until facts prove otherwise, I think he was unjustly punished by you. If you are wrong in your allegations, you should resign.

  • http://twitter.com/jpage80 Jordan Page

    Banning Penn State from a bowl game would not be a good idea. This would only hurt the players and way more importantly, the victims. One victim has left his high school because of an onslaught of bullying for “snitching”. If Penn State was banned from a bowl game, this victim would receive more unjust criticism for being at fault. The players shouldn’t also have to suffer, they’ve already gone through enough and to deprive them of a bowl game, especially the seniors, would be unfair.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    If Penn State did nothing wrong, then why are they donating $1.5 million to charities for sex abuse? Seems like a straightforward admission of guilt and apology.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Penn State should decline it while this is under investigation. Read correctly. And bowls shouldn’t invite them anyhow, but Penn State should decline. 

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Stop trying to shift blame. Take responsibility for what happened at Penn State. That’s what we’re talking about, not a comparison. Penn State should not be rewarded while this is being investigated. Think of what’s at stake.

  • Anonymous

    You are making assumptions again “seems like a straightforward admission of guilt and apology.” Why is Penn State donating their bowl winnings? Simple, they have been crucified in the media and want to repair their name. If it comes back after the trial that Spanier and Curly truly covered up these horrible crimes (alleged crimes), then yes, there should be consequences. But until then you need to be fair. If you or someone you loved were accused of something, you would want all the facts to come out. You have executed Joe Paterno with your words without giving him a fair trial. That is all I am saying. Prove that Paterno knew more. Prove that Paterno knew a child was raped and he was told all the details by McQueary. Because right now, Joe says different. He is a man who has spent 60+ years doing nothing but helping young people reach their potential through honesty and hard work. He is without a doubt one of the most giving men of our time.

  • B L

    I’ve lived in Happy Valley my entire life and I’ll just say this. Personally I know that Penn State should be focusing on the case and trying to bury everyone who had anything to do with it. If it turns out that it goes deeper than just the school trying to face (i.e. an official state cover-up) then I agree with you that the Penn State football program should be banned from football for a few years.
    However, I do not think it is fair to the kids who are currently involved in the program to rip the game out from under them. They had nothing to do with the alleged crimes, or the alleged cover up. Most of them are younger than most of the people named in the grand jury report. How is it fair to take something away that they have been working hard on?
    Penn State has been donating money to mulitple charities for years, the large amount is for the media attention (which hey you gave into) and to help save face.
    I say let the kids play. Figure it out next year. They have worked hard to be where they are and they should get to play.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It’s time to start teaching our youth about proper morals. This is a perfect opportunity, but Penn State is blowing it.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Aha, you just admitted my point. They still are prioritizing their image over doing the right thing! 

    How do you think we got into this situation to begin with? Protect the image of Penn State football over everything else! 

    That’s why it’s time for them to start doing the right thing finally.

  • Anonymous

    Of course they are going to protect their image. Many in the media, not all, crucified them without all the facts. They are not protecting Penn State Football, they are protecting Penn State. Your version of the right thing is admit guilt before the trial. That is not how our system works! Again, you need to put yourself in a similar position. Prove that Paterno or current coaches covered up Sandusky’s crimes and I will agree with you. But absolutely, Penn State is trying to protect their brand name, and they should! If wrong doing is proved, then yes, they should clean house. Unfortunately, thanks to Media such as yourself, they already fired a very good man before all the evidence has been presented. And they did it to protect their image because of the Media’s gulity verdict.

  • Anonymous

    how fast can you say ad hominem?

    thats the worst leap in a argument that can be made.  I sure hope a crime doesn’t occur in your neighborhood and god forbid you get arrested for living on the same street.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    That’s pathetic for an argument. You’re going to feel pretty stupid when you see how deep the cover-up runs. We’ve already shown so much evidence of people knowing about this and covering it up. Your analogy is so weak.

  • Anonymous

    because its the right thing to do not an admission of guilt. 

    what a dopey answer you have

    your so quick to talk about morals?? but you expect them to legally wait it out because its not admitting guilt

    you have crafted a terrible argument. 

    Do they give any one off the street journalistic creds?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    What makes it the right thing to do?

  • asoobert

    Not one person on that team–not one–had anything to do with Sandusky did.  They do not deserve to be punished because a reporter with a megaphone (you) says so.  You, frankly, have no idea what exactly transpired at the university.  If you do, please cite the actual testimony (not a summary, like the Grand Jury report).  I want the quotes from the actual testimony, under oath, from anyone at Penn State that you believe did something wrong.  Don’t have it?   Of course, you don’t.   You do not know the actual facts.  Wait for the facts to come out, before you spout off again and attack an innocent set of athletes that had nothing to do with it.

  • Anonymous

       When is it ever NOT the right thing to do to donate to a charitable organization that helps victims of abuse?  Or to any charitable organization for that matter?  What’s the matter with you?  
       The Penn State Alumni Association has raised almost $497,000 in less than a month for RAINN (Rape Abuse & Incest National Network); don’t even dare to claim that we are admitting we are guilty of committing sexual abuse.  The fundamental tenet of our justice system is “innocent until proven guilty” and so no punishment can be meted out until after guilt is proven, even if that doesn’t happen as swiftly as you might like it to.
       As for Paterno, a solid reputation earned over 60+ years counts for more than media speculation.  The Syracuse sex abuse scandal hasn’t received nearly the same media scrutiny event though it’s been proven that the Syracuse Standard Post and ESPN had knowledge of the abuse in 2002 – from the victim himself.  Perhaps because so many ESPN commentators and sports journalists are Syracuse graduates?  Oh wait, that would be speculation.  never mind.

  • Anonymous

    Your opinion on morality matters why? Because you have an IP address? I, for one am extremely gladdened that the immoral and corrupt Penn Staters have you to guide us through the turbulent waters of right and wrong. Even though you only have media reports and a summarized document to draw your conclusions on. Your same self-righteous delusional attitude is akin to the captain that sunk the Titanic. Thanks for knowing what is best for us at Penn State. Please look out for the iceberg. We are…!

  • Lynn Crock

    You point out that “What’s disappointing is how the Penn State discussion topics in the
    sports world have shifted as if nothing happened. Instead of talking
    about Jerry Sandusky, the two questions concerning the program are 1)
    who will be the next head coach and 2) which bowl game will they go to.”  And then you proceed to focus on the same thing!  I don’t see any outrage directed toward Sandusky.  I see another media representative trying to stir up more controversy just to make headlines.  Do you really believe Penn State should shut down all of it’s sports?  If Penn State football shuts down, so do all of the 30 other sports the football program supports.  Is that what your “proper morals” would teach?  What did the women’s volleyball team have to do with this?   Do you believe that all college sports across the country should be eliminated? 

    As for the $1.5 million donation, it was not made to “save face”.  It was made because it is the right thing to do!  It is not coming from any bowl game pay-outs to PSU,, but from the share of bowl game revenues that all Big Ten teams share.  It will be donated whether PSU goes to a bowl or not.  If you are unfamiliar with the charities it’s because of your own ignorance.  Those charities do a lot of good.  The Penn State community has always been very involved with charities that help children.  Last year alone the PSU Dance Marathon raised over $9 million dollars to help children with cancer.  No other university even comes close to such a commitment to children.

    It’s time for the media to stop the speculation and wait for the facts.  Even the PA Attorney General who brought the charges against Sandusky  stated that she does not understand why Paterno was fired.  How many news stories have reported that?  And what about Mike McQueary changing his story now?  There obviously is a lot more to this and a TRUE journalist gets the FACTS before publishing anything.

    I will be waiting for your article about firing Jim Boeheim and shutting down the Syracuse basketball program.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZSGKJZWCL2JRUYHPZNHD34SQLI Dan

    ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? 
    There is no legal ruling indicating that anyone on current staff knew
    anything about what Sandusky did.  I
    guess when the Duke lacrosse incident was first reported, you were the first to
    say cancel the rest of the season and fire the coach, instead of reserving
    judgment until all of the facts came out. 
    Until it is determined that the current staff withheld information
    regarding Sandusky’s crimes, let the current players, play.  It is ashamed that the Duke Lacrosse coach
    lost his job and the players lost the opportunity to finish their season,
    because the media made assumptions without having all the facts.

  • Unknown Person

    So, you rather they forfeit their bowl game out of some moral obligation for something none of the kids participated in over have 1.5 million dollars donated to the cause? Congratulations, you want to withhold tremendous benefits and help from future victims. How does that make you any better? 

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Yes, that would make a much bigger statement than anything else. Do the right thing. Turn it down and explain why.

  • Anonymous

    Larry… What’s more likely – that it was a mass cover up in which they didn’t even bother to ask Sandusky to disappear or just extremely poor handling of terrible situation?  Do you believe that Mcqueary is telling the truth or protecting his butt? You keep skipping key facts, which makes me question your motives.  If the university did cover it up (And that’s a major IF) then they should take drastic measure, but until then it would be an ignorant decision and you look just as foolish for suggesting it without all of the facts.  Did you not learn anything from the Duke case?

  • Michael Shannon

    Clearly, Larry, all of your apologists and rationalizers are Penn State fans and alum.  this is absurd.  Penn State, the University, and the football program, preliminarily appear to be involved in a cover up of a serious crime.  This is amazing that these fine folks wish to say no one has been found guilty…..yet.   The right thing to do is suspend the football program.  Fire the necessary folks in the administration, coaches, and cooperate fully with the investigation.  No bowl game……the players suffer because the university does.  Its unfortunate, but its the correct thing to do.  Some of the players should boycott the game.  I will boycott it.  I believe sports fans everywhere should boycott it.  Thanks Larry.