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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tim Tebow Thinks College Athletes Should Get Paid (to Afford Dinner and a Scooter)

Tim Tebow may be the most pure athlete in the world. He follows his religion and faith closely (even bringing it on the field), seems to be highly respectful of everyone he encounters, and he’s already been immortalized with a bronze statue. He also believes that college athletes should get compensated in some form. Tebow touched on this issue in his new autobiography that was recently released. Here’s what he says about it, according to The Denver Post:

“[Tebow writes] that the NCAA should consider paying college athletes (he said he had to scrimp to afford Christmas presents for his family even though the Florida athletic department was making plenty of cash.”

Additionally, Tebow talked about paying athletes on The Daily Show via Deadspin. Tebow joked that he should get a cut of coach Urban Meyer’s bonus money that came if the Gators won the national title. He added that “It’s a tough situation. I can look at both sides and see how hard it is. You’re having a lot of athletes that work extremely hard and make millions and millions for universities, and they’re just struggling to go out to Outback to get something to eat. So I can see both sides. Something fair would be if some of the athletes got a little more so they could go to dinner, afford a scooter to drive around campus.”

While amateur athletics is a notion LBS supports, and while we believe athletes already have excellent benefits in terms of housing, clothing, food, tutoring, and education, there’s little reason the money should enrich university presidents and not the players. Tebow for instance was a superstar, bigger than anyone else in college football when he played. He was an individual who meant more viewers and revenue for companies, broadcasters, and the school. I think he should be allowed to take advantage of that and that he should be able to get a cut of the pie. The only difference is I think the money should be put away for after the students are done with school and into the professional world to help preserve their amateur status. I haven’t heard any other suggestions on the matter that offers a better and fair solution to the issue, so I’m willing to listen.

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