Video: Jerry Sandusky Stumped on Sexually Attracted to Young Boys Question

If it takes you almost 20 seconds to answer if you’re sexually attracted to young boys, then the answer is yes. Yes, Jerry Sandusky, you’re sexually attracted to young boys. You know how we know? (aside from the 23 page grand jury presentment) Because that’s a question that doesn’t require any thinking. That’s just a reflexive answer.

Host: LB, Are you sexually attracted to young boys?

Me: Hell no.

Boom. Done. 1-second answer. No thought, no pondering, nothing. Simple answer.

Now it’s 100% confirmed that we have a pedophile on our hands. And you think his sleazebucket lawyer doesn’t know it? Who didn’t see him swallow a big gulp as he heard his client bumbling his way through that question. Wow.

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    Video doesn’t seem to be working :(

  • Anonymous

    The question I would like to see asked of Paterno is simple. If it was your grandson being raped by anyone friend, co-worker , or total stranger would you make sure as sure of any game plans against Ohio that this was followed up by the Police. I am a 44  year old father of 4 and I know if this was my 9 year old son nothing would stop me from doing what had to be done and would be hard pressed not to go after this sick predator mysel and gain true justice but Paterno the leader of young adults just passes this onto the athletic director and knows this pervert is running around campus dealing daily with young boys. the entire situiation stinks of something we dont know everything of yet and people including paterno need to be investigated  fully and carefully. I am a life long at least 2nd generation fan of the penn state program and pray something is missing in this sick story that exonerates Paterno,however I am realistic and don’t see much chance. Another person that many believed to be special is turning out to be a complete let down on a huge scale. If so take down the statue, remove the name, and prosecute.