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Friday, June 22, 2018

Does Brett Favre’s Mom Know How to Use Facebook?

There’s been plenty of backlash about Deadspin running the story about Brett Favre sending pictures of his Brett Jr. to Jenn Sterger.  A lot of people think the story should never have been run because Sterger didn’t want it to be, because there’s no tangible evidence, and other various reasons.  All valid points, but the prospect is still hilarious and Favre’s mom, Bonita Favre, just made it funnier.

Let me start by saying I strongly believe the following to be a case of technological incompetence.  That being said, Bonita Favre recently Facebook “liked” a story from the NY Times about Favre “sexting.”  Here’s a screen shot of her assumed mistake, courtesy of who else but Deadspin:

Like I said, this is probably just a case of Brett’s mom “liking” anything that has her son’s name in it because she doesn’t fully understand Facebook.  Honest mistakes haven’t stopped us from having fun at other people’s expenses before, so why should it now?

Brett Favre’s Mom Likes The Story About His Sexting Habits [Deadspin]

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