Broadway Joe Still Spitting Game

Was Joe Namath hitting on these two hot girls, or was Joe Namath hitting on these two hot girls?  If that isn’t the epitomy of an, “oh my God did you hear what he just said” face from the girl on the left then I don’t know what is.  As far as action at a preseason football game goes, I have to give the Jets-Giants New Meadowlands opener an A+.  We had Eli Manning’s bloody forehead, Fireman Ed’s shoving contest, and now we’ve tracked down a picture of Joe Namath hitting on two hot girls in a luxury box.

We’ll never know if Joe pulled some Suzy Kolber stuff up there, but he clearly got a few laughs and sometimes that’s all that matters.  Keep doing your thing, Broadway Joe.

UPDATE: A commenter, MW1218, has drawn to my attention that one of the young ladies is Namath’s daughter. Assuming it’s the brunette, Joe Namath has a hot daughter. Maybe he’s hitting on his daughter’s friend? As you can see, I’m not ready to completely back down, but thanks for the tip.

Photo Credit: Busted Coverage

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  • Anonymous

    One’s his daughter, dude.

  • Anonymous

    Talking just to talk? Come on man! The brunette is Namath’s daughter. Before you go flapping your gums and try to take another man down a notch maybe you should do some investigating. It’s called journalism! If you are going to “blog” (shoot your mouth off) about the game or the people in it get the background of the story right. Obviously you missed the first episode of Hard Knocks as you would have been introduced the lovely Miss Namath. So, I’m throwing the flag and calling foul. The penalty, you should be suspended for blogging for two weeks. Get a clue!

  • Anonymous

    MW1218, thanks for the tip. Marko, I spoke with the NFL already. Goodell has encouraged me to appeal whatever penalty he deems appropriate. I feel pretty good about my chances.